Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reformation number 2?

Since last year, Malaysians have been keeping an eye on the political scene. Once an uneventful issue had since grabbed headlines, becoming more sensational each day. We had an 'unofficial' debate last night on whether it was 'politically' correct (pun intended) for Anwar to seize power albeit in the most non-confrontational manner when the majority had decided and voted for ruling party, BN to continue governance in this country. Well, it's a tough question because, as much as these new generations of Malaysians, inclusive those awakening from their indifference, want to see a positive change in the country and perhaps, even dared to imagine waking up to a new Malaysia two days ago, they however do not represent the majority as proven by the results of the election. Seizing power after a nationwide election does seem like we're sidelining what we have been propagating thus far, which is full democracy (although, how many of us had truly enjoy that privilege?). So do we wait? Do we sit and do nothing for the next 5 years till we vote again and perhaps, this time, we vote with more courage? I have no answers. All I know is, Malaysians have reshuffled their priority and have grown leaps and bounds in terms of maturity which was greatly underestimated by the government. Perhaps the one thing which stands between us and reformation, is racial integration which sadly, is not what BN has in mind. If you ask me, I know what I want and I'll vote for whomever who is able to remove 'racial identification' from any forms, provide monetary assistance and benefits by segregation of socio-economic classes and needs and not by race. This will ultimately give 'bumiputra' (translate: NATIVE) recognition to anyone who has a birth certificate from this country. Also, I will vote for whomever who is able to narrow the digital divide between our country and at least, our leading neighbouring countries, thereby improving our broadband infrastructure and status by injecting funds into the right places for the right projects using the right expertise and to finally allow for fair competition amongst native corporations and a controlled competition from foreign ones.

Racial issue is a sensitive one because unfortunately, some of our leaders are a little short-sighted in this area where they mix business with their personal cause. Drawing the Quran and attempting to use it as the so-called 'infallible' sword to garner forced-support from fellow Muslims is not the way to run the country. At least, not the way I would run the country. And I cannot sum it any better than Din Merican who is one of Malaysia's prominent bloggers especially in his post on the Press Release from the Muslim Professionals Forum - ha! This is for cowards who are hiding behind their false religious beliefs inciting unnecessary dissension amongst our countrymen!

If I, Sparks, were to be detained by the ISA tomorrow (if I stop blogging for a week, you'd know), I won't even know who or where to get help from. I am supposed to feel safest in my country after all, no? Well, perhaps there will be many others like me, probably hundreds, even thousands of bloggers who have the same sentiment as me, detained? It won't be that lonely after all...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ultimate branding.

I took this photo on a recent trip to Putrajaya Botanical Garden. Whilst this may not seem strange to many but it does to me. Onitsuka Tiger. And specifically the Kill Bill edition. Whomever who did this poster, I must say, he or she has good taste.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome

Something nice is brewing.

Watch the brains behind Google's latest offering. A webvolution - Google Chrome is no longer a web browser but an application browser since most of the stuff we do online these days involve some sort of app or another. Well, that really makes sense because as infrastructure moves ahead, softwares get improved, and even the web has turned 2 (or possibly 3 or maybe 3.5, I lost count!), how could something as important as the browser still runs like same old same old?

Gone are the days where we open thousands of tabs to 'read' information, only to stare in horror when our browser cannot support the little patience we have. Today, we get involved, we interact with artificial intelligence as well as those located from afar (truly different from the web we used to know) all connected in a network of information. And browse at top speed while ensuring individual tab's stability in that. Sounds pretty awesome. I'll be downloading the beta version and see if it's any good. Will post my review then.