Sunday, May 30, 2010

National Geographic Store is now opened in Lot 10, Malaysia.

I can think of so many people who will love love love the Christmas gifts from this store. Well, there's the travel journal for MChoo, the globe for Iwie, the travel guide for Kim, the fleece sweater for Jan, the backpack for JY, the sunnies for Tuts, the DVDs for Muthu, the squared NatGeo notebook for Meow, the DNA testkit for Zhoong (not what you think okay... read about The Genographic Project), and the list goes on even well after I've declared bankruptcy. The items are not cheap mind you, but they're wonderful to look at because they stir the sleeping travel bug in us. And it ain't about dainty travels, it's about discovery of new cultures, new heights, new sciences, new frontiers. Expeditions which will require us to gear up so we can forget about looking our best (well of course, unless you're dressed in National Geographic's official travel gear).

Too cool to miss. You should visit this place at Lot 10 on Jalan Bukit Bintang.

I got myself something too (how could I not?). It's a book about the story of the National Geographic Society. I remember couple of years back, I found some really old 1930s (?) editions. Dang, I should have bought them. All of them. Well, let me have a good read and you can borrow after that ;)

(Yea, adding on to the above Christmas list... all the books for ME!) :))

Note: Photo from

Music: In the Morning by Junior Boys.

Crazy hidden analogies. Crazy catchy.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Malcolm Gladwell in Malaysia!

Grab hold of any planners, and every one of them can tell you about the tipping point phenomenon. That concept was coined by a New Yorker writer who is also one of the milennium's most astounding business scientists, Malcolm Gladwell. If he sounds familiar, you should know that he wrote 'The Tipping Point', 'Blink', 'Outliers' and the latest best seller 'What the Dog Saw'.

Gladwell doesn't write a lot of books but the ones he penned contain some of the most influential thoughts of this century, which challenge us to take a step back and question the origins of everyday incidents and the automatic rituals of just being human. One of his cases written in 'Outliers' argues that success is gained from practice and chance, and it may not be a question of born brilliance which the latter was given a tad too much credit compared to the endurance put in by those who finally reaped the sweet reward of victory.

I've been an ardent follower of his works because I'm simply too intrigue with the way he sees things and his investigative methods deployed to dispute conventional thinking. And I've always always dreamed of attending one of his book readings in New York. And now, for the first time in Asia, he will be speaking in Malaysia. And needless to say. I've got my seat ;)

I highly recommend you to attend this occasion if you're jaded and tired of ineffective systems at your workplace or wherever you are and get inspired. Gladwell was named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential people in 2005 and again as one of the top 100 Global Thinkers in 2009 by Foreign Policy Magazine.

Alongside with Gladwell, there will also be James Surowiecki who authored ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ and ‘The Future of Leadership'. He will be discussing and explaining ways to get people to work better in a community to produce strategies collectively for true competitive advantage. I also have his book, but guilty as charged. I haven't manage to finish it. And... it's been a couple of years. But I'll get into it. Soon. Really soon. After the talk maybe.
But anyway, see you there :)

Note: Tickets are now available at selected MPH bookstores.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cat's adventure in Taipei II.

On the streets - random shots. There's a whole lot more to see by just strolling on the streets, peeking through doors and shutters.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cat's adventure in Taipei I.

One of the important places you should visit in Taipei which is the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. The grounds are impeccably well taken care and there's a beautiful concert hall for musicals and orchestras in ancient oriental architecture. Must visit.

And one chapter ends...

Cat in delicious Taiwan.

Couple of things which you really must see, must have, must taste, must drool over in Taiwan. One, which is the breakfast places that are really common all over the city. Wake up, stroll down for a good cuppa milk tea and some really awesome bacon and egg soft burger sandwich or something more original called 'tan ping' which is basically bacon wrapped in pancake. Or, fried radish cake.

Step into the store, order your food (menu is mostly in Chinese) though there are some photos on the menu board. Similarly, you could muster some Mandarin and ask them for recommendation.
It was nice to just be able to roll off the bed and feed yourself immediately with some really awesome brekkie just down the street. Uh, nevermind the pyjamas ;)
Of course, needless to say, you come to Taiwan, you have all the hawker food you can probably stuff yourself to death. That's the obvious. But you should try the many Western fusion cafes that are available too for an aromatic cup of latte and try something like this - strawberry waffles ;) Very similar to Japan: what you see is what you get, so not to worry, there isn't much risk here. Price in cafes like this could vary from RM10 to 20 depending on what you order. Which I thought was reasonable for a good treat after a long day of walking.
Then who can pass the original Bubble Milk Tea (which some people refer to as Boba milk tea). This is darn good stuff unlike the mouldy tasting tapioca 'pearls' you get in Malaysia! I could drink this every single day.

Then of course, there's the famed Dintaifung. Some people think it is overrated, but if you've never been to Taiwan, then you should give it a shot. Next time you travel there again, maybe try another chain. This is where we have had some of the most sensational 'xiao long pau' in... possibly my life.
These are my hosts which are awesome awesome people - helpful, hospitable, sweet and everything nice. See you guys back in Malaysia soon :)
Okay Cat, behave...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Malaysian reformation process has already started. It was filmed.

Komas is a popular communications centre set up in the 90s to provide services to groups that are involved in a whole range of issues in Malaysia today which I think is somehow associated with Pakatan (this is to caution you before you watch the video below).

Here's an extremely well produced video entitled 'After the Tsunami' (referring to the 12th General Election that cost BN four states), meant to educate every Tom, Dick and Sue (in short: you and I) about what's really happening behind the scenes. A heated chat with a friend lately revolves around the topic of how there's not one single Malaysian who is doing anything to make any change. Well, here you go. I beg to differ. BIG TIME differ.

Today is different from yesterday. The evolved nature of the web will bring us another tsunami. While I don't think the internet is our savior, but I do think that it is the one vehicle that will bring about change if we persist and pursue. Connectivity, content and communication. That's old digital talk. But Change will not be difficult to achieve because all we have to remember is the web is no longer virtual. Instead, it has become a digital mapping of the real world. The anonymity and barriers will break, people will be more susceptible to consume new ideas and ideologies. We just have to be transparent, accountable and consistent. The net requires minimal budget for change. Flash mobs don't cost a single cent but it could be organised by just a single tweet. The government is understandably afraid. All I can say is, play fair. Online, every one is equal.

Selepas Tsunami (After the Tsunami) from Pusat KOMAS on Vimeo.

Note: Don't you ever, ever, ever give up hope on 'us'. If you don't have money, you work for it. If you don't have food, you grow it. If you don't have a home, you build it. If you don't have friends, you make some. But if you don't have hope, you become an empty soul that has got nothing to fight for. You live each day as though you're sleepwalking, without knowing what's your end game. And your selfish life will one day end inevitably, only for you to realize that you have left nothing behind for your children that they cannot work, grow, build and make on their own. And they too will become empty vessels waiting to return to earth, just like how you did without making any difference. So no matter what happens, how unhappy you are, how frustrated, how angry, how spiteful you are. Don't ever give up that God-given privilege, which is to be 'hopeful'.

Friday, May 21, 2010

'Write the Future' FIFA 2010 commercial by Nike.

I've got goosebumps watching this commercial. It's always natural to think of 'sports ads' as an emotion stirrer - you know stuff which can make you cry. This... is far from it, but still it makes my hair stand. A bit. Something like that took 3 agencies in the network, 1 award-winning film director, 18 months of planning and a hell lot of imagination to produce. That's what I call foresight.

Careful Nike, W+K might overtake you anytime as the knight in shining armour in this age of information search and share. At least you know they'll be wearing the 'swoosh' to work :)

How many pictures are worth one word - Google?

Here's a math question for you.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The sunrise in 2008.

Took this shortly after sunrise at the Accord shoot. It was one of the most beautiful morning, ever :) A sign of great things to come. And come it did.

BMW M3 GTS on Nurburgring, May 2010.

It needs a soundtrack title. Like 'Don't hold back in anger' or something like that. Appeals to both drivers and musicians :)

Caution: May cause heart to pound and may even stop. Also may result to sudden uncontrollable strong urges to well up from somewhere unidentifiable inside at gut-level in the mortal anatomy. Watch at your own discretion.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The next social media revolution by Erik Qualman.

Well, what can I say but... brilliant? (The way the video is produced to bring home the message I mean) ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Malaysia: Open corruption?

Actually, in all honesty, I feel sorry for our dear PM. To be very neutral, I can understand where he is coming from. BN promises shall be fulfilled if they're voted into office at Sibu, Sarawak. In order for that fulfilment to happen, they need the people's help to have them help the people.

But the repercussion of the following video which is circulating widely online brings wrong perception. Add a lot of of cynicism, minus the context and multiply by BN's unimpressive history equals 'open implication of corruption'. Well... this time, I really don't think that's the PM's original message. This is a case of good intention but wrong method of delivery. Whomever the speechwriter is, he should be shot (well, of course unless our PM prefers spontaneity at the podium :P) because that's simply one of the poorest and most misconstrued script ever written that's non-befitting for a Prime Minister! If you wanna know what's a GOOD, mount moving speech, get The Penguin Book of 20th Century Speeches. Now, THOSE are great speeches befitting the royal blood and soul.

On the contrary, alongside the speechwriter. This keris-wielding dude should be shot also. For screwing the minds of Malaysians with his imbecile remarks.

Dan Meyer gives teaching insights @ Ted.

Dan is a math teacher and he loves teaching. I guess that's really enough of a reason why parents and the society at large should be thankful for having thought leaders like him in generation building. Albeit it may be for selfish reasons which he so candidly pointed out, "I'll be retiring in a world which these kids will be running". Yea man, if I were him, I would be more careful of the knowledge which I will be imparting to these young people too.

Also, what I could so resonate with him is the following slide:
He said, students these days come installed with these 5 viruses. I say, "No Dan. A lot of people are infected".

Just take a look at our industry. How do you think the young advertising professionals will score? Sixteen year olds are cute. Early 20s can still cut it. Anything over 25 is not. C'mon really! In some countries, they're ripe for parenthood!

I think what Dan Meyer pointed out was the fact that we're all jumping the gun, too eager for solutions. We do not look at the situation and try to formulate the problem and then consider the solutions. We're so eager to get into the 'cheat sheet' - what has worked before? And try to formulate solutions based on the check list. Doesn't it sound familiar to you? As I commented: No wonder Originality is dead. Apparently Rule pushed him over the cliff.

Note: If you are an aspiring planner and you find it hard to understand why your Planning Director is taking certain routes and extra hard to well, copy. Don't. His formula may be the right one for obvious reasons. But no one said it was the best one (but it could be too for also obvious reasons). The important thing is for you to attempt the challenge first then get help second. Problem formulation is more important than problem solving. And that skill comes from practice. From Occam's Razor: Always address the why before the how.

Double note: Oh teachers of Malaysia! Utilize social and multimedia! Take your classroom 'out' without physically taking them out! :) Get inspired here.

ACDC versus Iron Man 2: Projection Mapping by seeper.

Another cool project by seeper. On site creative planning.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Delucca has got free jazz nights ;)

Just in case if you wanna know, Delucca is right opposite NBT on Mesui and they serve some really awesome home made pasta and even more awesome latte. Almost the best from Italy ;) Cozy ambience and really top-notch service.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today, let's go to The Louvre!

I have had such a fun and educational time today, going through some of the most prized artifacts at The Louvre online. Other than the connection speed, I thought it was thoroughly enjoyable! Can't wait till September :)

Tokyo Glow Film by Jonathan Bensimon.

Makes you think. Get out of the light box. Be the light. Search for what calls you. Directed by Jonathan Bensimon, produced by Jonas Bell Pasht. Mixture of light and absence, speed and motion. Haunting.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Music: Whatever You Want by Club 8.

This Sunday's road song is by Club 8 - pop Swedish duo, set to perform in KL live. Yesterday, 13th May.

Love her haunting voice from the country free-living hippie era ;)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Honda, The Extraordinare.

Watching this ad kind of rekindled the passionate belief that when we dream big, they come true even when we pass on. They happen because of others who got rubbed off from the same effect. Like from Soichiro Honda to European communications director, Ian Armstrong. Obviously dreams know no colours, nationalities and genes.

In case if you're stereotyping me, that I'm a sucker for W+K ads, I'm not. Okay, maybe a little. But this is something I can personally vouch for because nothing in the ad has been over expressed to gain votes that it does not deserve. It speaks about Honda's journey from rags to riches and obviously, the closer you are in reaching your dream, the more tumultuous you'd expect your expedition to become and the lonelier it may sometime seem. But if you would just hang on and survive the gorge, you'd find yourself soaring through eventually :) While it may sound like any plain old fairy tale journey with a happy ending that is already so familiar to many of us, the Honda story takes a twisted turn.

There is never a 'happy ending' in a Honda story. Its legendary immortality makes Honda a philosophy and a cult and it is this very belief system that simply will not allow itself to run on a conventional profit-making business model. It isn't interested in becoming the world's biggest car manufacturer, instead it yearns to be the most admired in terms of thinking and humility. 'How can a never-ending story achieves any dream?', you ask? That's because Honda's dreams are milestones to a bigger picture, which no one, not even Soichiro himself can put a finger to. No matter how much of a genius he is, he respects the unknown and a greater being and from there stems the kind of humility that's truly becoming an urban legend in corporations these days. That's the differentiating quality between Honda and other marques. Honda was, is and always will be a non-discriminating power plant for everyone.

I'd recommend you to grab this book 'The Honda Myth: The Genius and His Wake' and take on a challenging journey of two exceptional spirits when the world was at its best, worst and ugliest. Some dreams survive. But some evaporate as quickly as it came.

One of my personal favourite quotes is by Thomas Edward Lawrence or sometimes more famously known as Lawrence of Arabia. He said 'all men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity. But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act upon it with open eyes, to make it possible'.

Yea, what good is dreaming it, if you don't actually do it?

Note: In case if you are wondering, this isn't a paid post. My employer is not Honda.

Love letter to the PM's office on transforming Malaysia ;)

Dear government (or PM's office),

Two days ago, I saw a couple of full page coverage on the results of your recent transformation programme which is based on what you thought are the 6 priority areas (also known as the National Key Result Areas), which for the sake of every Tom, Dick and Hari who are too lazy to do any research, I will state them here:

1) Reducing crime
2) Fighting corruption
3) Improving student outcomes
4) Raising living standards of low-income households
5) Improving rural basic infrastructure
6) Improving urban public transport

Actually, I tried to be very neutral while reading THE STAR which did the coverage and the outcome was, I find myself believing that you're on the right track in pursuing this pressing areas which ultimately can become the foundation of progress of our nation. So, congratulations, good job, keep it up :) But just a couple of reminders (I'm sorry if MCMC is gonna ban me or put this blog out of shop but I thought if you're on Facebook, you may really consider 'listening' for the first time):

1) I think our police force needs better training in emergency response. I would imagine that if I'm a policeman and have always taken my gun for granted, without much training or simulation, honestly, I wouldn't know what to do and what not do. The police force is after all human, right? Wrong. I'm pretty sure there are trainings to make them resemble a little more like Robocop, no? If they're also human, like us citizens... then why do they have a gun and we don't? If they don't know how to react in a high tension situation, why are they deemed law enforcers and we're not? Because they know the law and we don't? Maybe you should start making them watch 'Trauma'. It's on Star World, every Tuesday at 10pm.

2) I read that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission requested for additional staff and budget to help them carry out investigations on related-matters. I think you better. Lest you tempt them... he he he, KIDDING! While I don't really know why they need the extra budget and how much they are getting now, allocated for what, since THE STAR did not report on that, it's really hard to say because on areas where I am directly affected (such as ministries putting out marketing tenders for pitch), I don't see anything happening cause there are still many 2-ringgit companies owned by some Datuks and Datins winning a 20 million account and we only see a 2 million media spend (which is really not the way to promote Malaysia, don't you think?). So, an additional 5,000 staff for? Paper work? Hmm. Let's compromise, how about 2,500 staff and 2,500 computers?

3) Finally, you also agree that our education system is screwed up, huh. Let's shake on that. Well, I do understand that it's one of the most complicated national systems to change but you're right, we have to start somewhere. I don't have any ideas just yet, how about something along the lines of 1Malaysia? Like... Malaysian first and all else second? Then at least (even upon 'force'), we'll have equal distribution of Malay, Chinese and Indian studying forestry or agriculture or something obscure like that. Oh by the way, have I ever told you before that we should be promoting some fields which are directly and indirectly related to the environment before it grills us like barbeque? This I don't really blame you cause the Chinese parents always think about money, Malay parents take it for granted their kid is well looked after by you and the Indian parents tell their kids to really compete in law so that they can bend it when they grow up to protect themselves. That's really very sad. So yea, please change the education system. You want equal opportunity at work? You start with equal opportunity for studies.

4) Totally agree! No dispute. We really need to look into the poverty area especially the low household income families. But like I said, more importantly is to teach them to be self-sustaining and fish their own fish, harvest their own fruits. Stop handing out money to them but give them jobs and help them find fulfilment in that. Oh, the squatter areas... yes, I've seen one of those and I am very fortunate to live in a brick house. I hope you are not intending to clear their homes to give the land to some abang/adik of some Datuk to build bungalows for people like us? I'm moving soon and plan to sell my current house. But my new house is more or less the same size. I don't need a bungalow.

5) Yea! As what I mentioned above, it's important to be able to ensure they are equipped with the basic infrastructure. But like everything which you have built, can you just remember to park some budget for maintenance? For... 10 years? At least up to 2020 if that's too much to ask. I don't know but I think a 5 year old will think that it's stupid to build and rebuild the same thing again and again. Maybe you have a different perspective? Because while you are building all these new infrastructures to help rural areas to ease into modernity, you are tearing down the heritage buildings our ancestors (friends and foes) have build in modern cities. You know, sometimes you confuse me. Are you not talking to each other again?

6) Yes PLEASE! I work on an automotive business and it does sadden me that everyone is looking forward to a YOY growth. On whose expense may I ask? Oh did you just challenge me to sell my car? Well, I'm sorry I can't :( Cause I really love my car. But maybe if there was a better transportation system, I could use a leisurely adventure in and around areas OUTSIDE of KL on the weekends? Or maybe I could just travel to work in my car and take public transportation as and when I need to since you forgot about me who live in Subang Jaya when you build the last LRT stop at Kelana Jaya which is like 20km from my house. But it's okay, no hard feelings :) I could take cabs but you know, it's kind of scary to take cabs alone these days because they run on a fixed fee network and not on the meter which you specified them to. And a lot of them are bogus and may just kidnap me. Yes, this is a very serious problem too. Maybe you want to get the police to catch them instead of 17 year old boys?

WOW. What a long letter! I hope I didn't bore you. I saw your website and it does provide some level of transparency and metrics to what you are doing, I love it! And I saw it was linked to Facebook and I thought this is one of your efforts to implement Gov 2.0 following the US (besides someone did request for some transparency during the last social media meeting :x Er... @Khairykj was there too!), but you do know that it's a two-way thing right? So... you're not going to catch me, right? Since I posted on your wall, you know my name, are you going to lock me up for some fish curry rice (which by the way, I know the real story behind that, bet YOU don't!)?

Well... Honestly, and most sincerely, I wanna help out too. Really. Cause I'm also sick and tired of all those Malaysians who talk **** (blipped out cause like you, I don't like vulgarities in my blog), sing song and only know how to criticize others and complain when they haven't even register to vote, when they condone police taking bribes by speeding, 'settling' it and then exclaim what a screwed-up system! Yea, I hate them too. They suck. Not worthy Malaysians. But... you're not thinking about a total annihilation right? Cause most of these critics are Chinese and if you do that, even though it's by default they're the largest denomination in this psychographic personality, people may think you are racist. So don't.

Anyway, I have to go now. I hope this letter reaches you safe and well. Send my regards to all who are really working hard to make a change (thank you) and those who are just 'leeching' of you (shame on them!). We will continue this dialogue some other time. And just so you know, I'm ALWAYS open for conversation ;) We are family, remember?


Why grammar is important in conversations.

I was at a bookstore and I asked if I could peel off the plastic so that I could flip through the book. This is a fine example of why grammar is important even in conversational English.

Assistant > We've got special discount for dummies.

Me > I beg your pardon?

Assitant > Yea, if you need help, you can go to the counter.

Me > Oh. I do, do I?

Assistant > And you can check out the whole series of dummies on discount there.

Me > Ohhh...

For awhile I thought, how could they tell?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cat x Monocle ;)

I miss Cat. He's been hibernating long enough. It's time for some exploration ;)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Motorsports fans in Malaysia, be in the running to win grand stand tickets to Super GT!

Adventure buffs and motorsports fans share a common passion – they all love an intense adrenaline rush. And now there’s a reason for these enthusiasts to come together because Honda Malaysia is organizing an action adventure trip to Hulu Langat for its Honda Racing Malaysia Facebook fans. To participate, all you have to do is log on to become a fan on Facebook and register yourself for the trip.

Participants will be grouped into teams to race against time and complete all challenges to win. The winning team will be rewarded with Grand Stand tickets to upcoming Super GT Sepang 2010 taking place on 20 June 2010.

Exciting activities are lined up to provide a mix of mid and highly intense level of challenges. Among them includes negotiating different obstacles on the high ropes more than 30 feet high, and taking orbing to the next level by challenging one’s endurance in the Orb Olympics.
Orbing is an amusing ride where participants are strapped inside a giant inflatable ball and are rolled down a slope, across a terrain or on water! To double the fun, this adventure trip will be hosting a race dubbed the Orb Olympics – the challenge remains a mystery but it is guaranteed to be a tricky ride that will bring out the humour in all.

Other exhilarating activities include shooting arrows at the archery challenge and testing one’s fortitude in the “Fear Factor” challenge. Indeed, a man alone cannot win a battle, so bring your friends to stand a higher chance of forming a stronger team!

Whether you’re looking for an excuse to use some excess adrenaline or to get outdoors to the refreshing fringes of the Hulu Langat forest, here’s a chance to prove your mettle.

Mark your calendar for the Honda Racing Malaysia’s adventure trip happening on 15 May 2010, Saturday, 8.30am – 5.30pm. Adventure fee is at RM120 per pax and includes buffet lunch and drinks.

Log on to here for more details and to register now!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Let's kill the social media buzz and get down to business!

Presented yesterday evening. Great turn out, I think a lot of people were inspired to quickly get something out to their clients. But remember guys, be realistic!! Nevertheless, thanks for the support ;)

Here's sharing from slideshare but slide 35 did not convert properly so it went missing (a pity because it was talking about how a dose of optimism goes a long way... maybe it's trying to prove a point? Hmm). Anyway, if you are interested or need more information, just leave a comment.

PechaKucha Night Vol.09 in KL.

Some speakers were awesome, some less but all-in-all, inspiring.

One of my favourite speakers, Graham Perkins from Rune Entertainment showing us how enthusiastic his students were when it comes to design.

Instead, the five areas which we should be concentrating on to be more creative, more original. He's like a teacher I never had.
No, thank YOU ;)
Patrick Burgoyne, editor of one of my favourite blogzines - Creative Review. Showing how the plastic from one of their issues could dissolve in water, to demonstrate how design innovation can bend existing rules.
Going, going, gone.
Another inspiring speaker, Rian Hughes - Graphic Designer, Comic Artist and Typographer who shared his hobby of collecting font types from the last century. All hand-drawn, extremely original, idea in strokes. Beautiful.
More fonts. Note to self: IF I'm ever a designer, don't take short cuts! Run as fast as I can when I see a short cut! Run the other way! Run fast as though your life depends on it!
Lisette Scheers, Creative Director of La Scheers Co and Ex-CD of O&M Belgium telling us as it is, no fancy packaging needed.
Sometimes, the biggest culprits are the most obvious ones...
Yes, no me. No you. No us.
I love this guy! David O’reilly, a Berlin-based filmmaker who's one of the most nonchalant highly eclectic individuals I've ever met. He's absolutely oblivious to rules and that makes him so magnetic and mysterious. He's saying everything he's not supposed to but it hits you. You get exactly what he's trying to say. So how do you know when he's not even saying it? Except, maybe all these 'knowledge and hard rules' are already in us. We already know all these by heart. And what he merely did was to challenge it and get us to stand up and defend what we know. He's brilliant in ways that were so... original.
Makes you smile ;)
Flica doing the post-emo-rock thing all by himself.