Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cat in delicious Taiwan.

Couple of things which you really must see, must have, must taste, must drool over in Taiwan. One, which is the breakfast places that are really common all over the city. Wake up, stroll down for a good cuppa milk tea and some really awesome bacon and egg soft burger sandwich or something more original called 'tan ping' which is basically bacon wrapped in pancake. Or, fried radish cake.

Step into the store, order your food (menu is mostly in Chinese) though there are some photos on the menu board. Similarly, you could muster some Mandarin and ask them for recommendation.
It was nice to just be able to roll off the bed and feed yourself immediately with some really awesome brekkie just down the street. Uh, nevermind the pyjamas ;)
Of course, needless to say, you come to Taiwan, you have all the hawker food you can probably stuff yourself to death. That's the obvious. But you should try the many Western fusion cafes that are available too for an aromatic cup of latte and try something like this - strawberry waffles ;) Very similar to Japan: what you see is what you get, so not to worry, there isn't much risk here. Price in cafes like this could vary from RM10 to 20 depending on what you order. Which I thought was reasonable for a good treat after a long day of walking.
Then who can pass the original Bubble Milk Tea (which some people refer to as Boba milk tea). This is darn good stuff unlike the mouldy tasting tapioca 'pearls' you get in Malaysia! I could drink this every single day.

Then of course, there's the famed Dintaifung. Some people think it is overrated, but if you've never been to Taiwan, then you should give it a shot. Next time you travel there again, maybe try another chain. This is where we have had some of the most sensational 'xiao long pau' in... possibly my life.
These are my hosts which are awesome awesome people - helpful, hospitable, sweet and everything nice. See you guys back in Malaysia soon :)
Okay Cat, behave...

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