Thursday, May 13, 2010

Love letter to the PM's office on transforming Malaysia ;)

Dear government (or PM's office),

Two days ago, I saw a couple of full page coverage on the results of your recent transformation programme which is based on what you thought are the 6 priority areas (also known as the National Key Result Areas), which for the sake of every Tom, Dick and Hari who are too lazy to do any research, I will state them here:

1) Reducing crime
2) Fighting corruption
3) Improving student outcomes
4) Raising living standards of low-income households
5) Improving rural basic infrastructure
6) Improving urban public transport

Actually, I tried to be very neutral while reading THE STAR which did the coverage and the outcome was, I find myself believing that you're on the right track in pursuing this pressing areas which ultimately can become the foundation of progress of our nation. So, congratulations, good job, keep it up :) But just a couple of reminders (I'm sorry if MCMC is gonna ban me or put this blog out of shop but I thought if you're on Facebook, you may really consider 'listening' for the first time):

1) I think our police force needs better training in emergency response. I would imagine that if I'm a policeman and have always taken my gun for granted, without much training or simulation, honestly, I wouldn't know what to do and what not do. The police force is after all human, right? Wrong. I'm pretty sure there are trainings to make them resemble a little more like Robocop, no? If they're also human, like us citizens... then why do they have a gun and we don't? If they don't know how to react in a high tension situation, why are they deemed law enforcers and we're not? Because they know the law and we don't? Maybe you should start making them watch 'Trauma'. It's on Star World, every Tuesday at 10pm.

2) I read that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission requested for additional staff and budget to help them carry out investigations on related-matters. I think you better. Lest you tempt them... he he he, KIDDING! While I don't really know why they need the extra budget and how much they are getting now, allocated for what, since THE STAR did not report on that, it's really hard to say because on areas where I am directly affected (such as ministries putting out marketing tenders for pitch), I don't see anything happening cause there are still many 2-ringgit companies owned by some Datuks and Datins winning a 20 million account and we only see a 2 million media spend (which is really not the way to promote Malaysia, don't you think?). So, an additional 5,000 staff for? Paper work? Hmm. Let's compromise, how about 2,500 staff and 2,500 computers?

3) Finally, you also agree that our education system is screwed up, huh. Let's shake on that. Well, I do understand that it's one of the most complicated national systems to change but you're right, we have to start somewhere. I don't have any ideas just yet, how about something along the lines of 1Malaysia? Like... Malaysian first and all else second? Then at least (even upon 'force'), we'll have equal distribution of Malay, Chinese and Indian studying forestry or agriculture or something obscure like that. Oh by the way, have I ever told you before that we should be promoting some fields which are directly and indirectly related to the environment before it grills us like barbeque? This I don't really blame you cause the Chinese parents always think about money, Malay parents take it for granted their kid is well looked after by you and the Indian parents tell their kids to really compete in law so that they can bend it when they grow up to protect themselves. That's really very sad. So yea, please change the education system. You want equal opportunity at work? You start with equal opportunity for studies.

4) Totally agree! No dispute. We really need to look into the poverty area especially the low household income families. But like I said, more importantly is to teach them to be self-sustaining and fish their own fish, harvest their own fruits. Stop handing out money to them but give them jobs and help them find fulfilment in that. Oh, the squatter areas... yes, I've seen one of those and I am very fortunate to live in a brick house. I hope you are not intending to clear their homes to give the land to some abang/adik of some Datuk to build bungalows for people like us? I'm moving soon and plan to sell my current house. But my new house is more or less the same size. I don't need a bungalow.

5) Yea! As what I mentioned above, it's important to be able to ensure they are equipped with the basic infrastructure. But like everything which you have built, can you just remember to park some budget for maintenance? For... 10 years? At least up to 2020 if that's too much to ask. I don't know but I think a 5 year old will think that it's stupid to build and rebuild the same thing again and again. Maybe you have a different perspective? Because while you are building all these new infrastructures to help rural areas to ease into modernity, you are tearing down the heritage buildings our ancestors (friends and foes) have build in modern cities. You know, sometimes you confuse me. Are you not talking to each other again?

6) Yes PLEASE! I work on an automotive business and it does sadden me that everyone is looking forward to a YOY growth. On whose expense may I ask? Oh did you just challenge me to sell my car? Well, I'm sorry I can't :( Cause I really love my car. But maybe if there was a better transportation system, I could use a leisurely adventure in and around areas OUTSIDE of KL on the weekends? Or maybe I could just travel to work in my car and take public transportation as and when I need to since you forgot about me who live in Subang Jaya when you build the last LRT stop at Kelana Jaya which is like 20km from my house. But it's okay, no hard feelings :) I could take cabs but you know, it's kind of scary to take cabs alone these days because they run on a fixed fee network and not on the meter which you specified them to. And a lot of them are bogus and may just kidnap me. Yes, this is a very serious problem too. Maybe you want to get the police to catch them instead of 17 year old boys?

WOW. What a long letter! I hope I didn't bore you. I saw your website and it does provide some level of transparency and metrics to what you are doing, I love it! And I saw it was linked to Facebook and I thought this is one of your efforts to implement Gov 2.0 following the US (besides someone did request for some transparency during the last social media meeting :x Er... @Khairykj was there too!), but you do know that it's a two-way thing right? So... you're not going to catch me, right? Since I posted on your wall, you know my name, are you going to lock me up for some fish curry rice (which by the way, I know the real story behind that, bet YOU don't!)?

Well... Honestly, and most sincerely, I wanna help out too. Really. Cause I'm also sick and tired of all those Malaysians who talk **** (blipped out cause like you, I don't like vulgarities in my blog), sing song and only know how to criticize others and complain when they haven't even register to vote, when they condone police taking bribes by speeding, 'settling' it and then exclaim what a screwed-up system! Yea, I hate them too. They suck. Not worthy Malaysians. But... you're not thinking about a total annihilation right? Cause most of these critics are Chinese and if you do that, even though it's by default they're the largest denomination in this psychographic personality, people may think you are racist. So don't.

Anyway, I have to go now. I hope this letter reaches you safe and well. Send my regards to all who are really working hard to make a change (thank you) and those who are just 'leeching' of you (shame on them!). We will continue this dialogue some other time. And just so you know, I'm ALWAYS open for conversation ;) We are family, remember?


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