Monday, May 10, 2010

PechaKucha Night Vol.09 in KL.

Some speakers were awesome, some less but all-in-all, inspiring.

One of my favourite speakers, Graham Perkins from Rune Entertainment showing us how enthusiastic his students were when it comes to design.

Instead, the five areas which we should be concentrating on to be more creative, more original. He's like a teacher I never had.
No, thank YOU ;)
Patrick Burgoyne, editor of one of my favourite blogzines - Creative Review. Showing how the plastic from one of their issues could dissolve in water, to demonstrate how design innovation can bend existing rules.
Going, going, gone.
Another inspiring speaker, Rian Hughes - Graphic Designer, Comic Artist and Typographer who shared his hobby of collecting font types from the last century. All hand-drawn, extremely original, idea in strokes. Beautiful.
More fonts. Note to self: IF I'm ever a designer, don't take short cuts! Run as fast as I can when I see a short cut! Run the other way! Run fast as though your life depends on it!
Lisette Scheers, Creative Director of La Scheers Co and Ex-CD of O&M Belgium telling us as it is, no fancy packaging needed.
Sometimes, the biggest culprits are the most obvious ones...
Yes, no me. No you. No us.
I love this guy! David O’reilly, a Berlin-based filmmaker who's one of the most nonchalant highly eclectic individuals I've ever met. He's absolutely oblivious to rules and that makes him so magnetic and mysterious. He's saying everything he's not supposed to but it hits you. You get exactly what he's trying to say. So how do you know when he's not even saying it? Except, maybe all these 'knowledge and hard rules' are already in us. We already know all these by heart. And what he merely did was to challenge it and get us to stand up and defend what we know. He's brilliant in ways that were so... original.
Makes you smile ;)
Flica doing the post-emo-rock thing all by himself.

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