Thursday, January 17, 2008

Euro Civic. Sweets.

Managed to snap some photos of the ultra metrosexual Euro Civic while travelling in Greece. Although there are the typical Civic models running on Athen's road, this one reminds me of the new FCX showcased recently in the Tokyo Motor Show. Or the other way round perhaps, since the Euro Civic is launched much earlier. I think it's the sexy sporty silhoutte and those mean slit of headlights. I wonder why only the USDM Civic is available here since I think most boys will be drooling over this one more.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So tell me. Exactly, what do you do?

Got this image from a friend. Yea, in a comical way, that's exactly what we do. Ha ha.

*Thanks Jase :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just the right thing for book lovers.

Introducing Amazon Kindle. This is what I mean by technology that will push human boundary and revolutionize the way we live forever. It's not so much about e-book technology but it's more about having content literally at your finger tips. Everyone knows the uptake of 3G is particularly slow in this country. It's particularly slow when connectivity or access technology is way more advanced than the provision of true and relevant content. It is after all, the latter that ultimately changes lives not just the technology and delivery method. What good are cars if there is nowhere to go to? What good are phones if there is no one to call to? What good is a stove if there is no food to cook with? Similarly, what good is 3G and connectivity when there is no content to improve the way we live? I'd definitely get an Amazon Kindle if not because the current access technology is only available in the US. At least, for now. Apparently, user will not need to keep up with the hassle of paying for the wireless service which means Amazon must have struck a deal with the network provider. I think we can see more and more mobile device manufacturers building in the cost of connectivity into their product and profit share with their network partner. This ultimately saves the hassle of end-consumer and everybody gains. Sweet.

Watch this video from cnet. I think this review appears to be less biased than the one you can view on the Amazon site. Although it may seemed like its god sent, the Kindle certainly has its flaws, which really, is no biggie in any first generation of electronic device.

Monday, January 14, 2008

A picture tells a thousand words. But one added with a few words tells a million.

My stumble upon a new journalistic docu-photography publication is honestly, most divinely, purely providential during my short transit in Dubai, a week ago. Sowar magazine is the new niche publication dedicated to satisfy those with an insatiable hunger for new photographic perspectives on the everyday and more often than not, the overlooked mundane life in Lebanon and Le Vant. I think we'd all do better by practise seeing things from different angles, you think?

This gave me an idea. What if someone produces a free mag which is totally user-generated? What if it takes everyone and anyone to contribute? What if everyone can be a contributing writer and/or photographer? What if flickr comes alive and takes the form of a free magazine? What if all you need is just an editor and a team of designers with a real eye for quotes and form? What if everyone can talk about everything they are passionate about? What if the magazine is called MINE? Because it does, in a sense, belong to everyone? Does anyone know if I'm unconsciously plagarizing this from somewhere? Any idea takers?

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Just got back from Greece, the land of the Intelligent and once upon a time. a great empire. It strikes me as odd that many countries which once were great empires seem to dwindle in the area of modernization. But then again, it really depends on how we define modernity. Is it the development of skyscrapers with hundreds of floors, our modern version of Babel? Or the number of people who can afford to live 'unlived' lives in the virtual world? Athens lack what major metropolis consist of, monolithic metallic structures of all sorts but not its charm. It may seem like a poorer cousin of Italy but its picturesque countryside and islands are bountiful. I would never exchange that kind of natural attraction with any modern architecture - tallest or no. From my short two-week experience, Greeks tend to oscillate between two extremes. On one hand, they're the friendliest, nicest, warmest, sweet as honey type of people you'll ever meet. And on the other hand, they could be the ones ripping apart your holiday mood; arms folded, eyebrow raised with an 'I-hate-Asians' kind of look. I was partly amused and partly confused. Thank goodness I met more amusing Greeks than I did with the latter type. For a moment I somewhat recalled what a friend told me shortly before I left: There's no reason why anyone should be racist. Maybe there are. Maybe because we conversed too loud? Laughed too loud? Belched too loud? I don't know. Maybe we were just plain LOUD? :)

Anyway, it's time to tune myself back to work mode. It's been a good two weeks, a great start to a great year and I'm already thinking about my next adventure. But before that, you need to see this:

Message: To all of you who once told me that I can't change the world, or to the person in the mirror or to anyone else for that matter, simply because you were sceptical about the power of one to a world of 6 billion. Think again. Because Apple now says I (we) can :)

*Thanks Rae