Friday, September 28, 2012

Strategic planning available.

If you have a job (that's not made up of under-table doings), which requires strategic input and planning, feel free to contact us!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Do I really want to quit my job?

This is brilliant.  The brilliance lies in the stark truth of what the ad is saying to me because... I was about to quit my job! (and I kid you not).  To save the world (I seriously kid you not).

How many of us are locked in the routine cycle of the corporate world, breathing in the mundane money-powered lifestyle and finally realising that there's something missing that's really bigger than our paycheck?  Either after being exposed to a one time pow-wow campaign (think KRONY) or incessant exposure to causes that pull our pity strings in all directions, that we decide to call it quits because we're (true to the following ad below) sad, angry, guilty for not doing what we can to save whatever we feel we should be saving.

Yup.  That's me.

But what if we're all meant to be play our part in this ecosystem of superheroes.  What if we all have different super powers?  There's only one of each in the Avengers.  So it wouldn't work if 80% of us quit to join the 20% Greenpeace advocates to stop the capitalistic world from misbehaving.  I mean, if 100% of us is on the other side fighting the cause, then logically speaking there's no one to fight against anyway, right?  Right.  That's one solution.

But here's another one, probably a better one given there're 80% of us scattered across the globe; Sit at your desk, do what you're skilled to do, live the life you're creating but make better smarter choices.  Maybe it's time for us to redeem our guilt by practising some self-compassion that we're not so bad after all.  We could choose a cuppa from free-trade versus a mugga that's not.  Maybe there is an easier way to do things.  And the easier way is presented here:  Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Is there really equality between genders?

Something that caught my attention today.  From the graph below (click to go to original publisher's website), get this: In jobs common for men, men are paid on average 2 to 3% higher than women.  In jobs common for women, men are still paid higher!  Granted women tend to hit a pay ceiling because when they have kids, they are more willing to trade off money for time which subsequently affects performance and remuneration.  But what if she does not have a family?  Hmm.  I can't really tell if this is true because I don't know how much I would be getting if I was a man.  I don't think my boss, who's a man, would tell me in all politically correctness if I should be earning more if I grew a pair :/ but frankly I'm really quite curious to know.

I remember some years ago, an American friend told me that job seekers in the US of A normally do not state their biodata in CVs.  That is to remove biasness from potential employers - you should be hiring me for my experience, skills and potential and not gender, colour and age.  I wonder if this holds water in Asia?  Because everyone prefers a hot young thing (tell me it isn't so especially in the advertising business?).  So the next time your new boss takes you in, don't be too enthusiastic.  It could be for all the wrong reasons.  But I suppose it's only when you get in, you show them who's the boss ;)

Or to just make it simple.  Give everyone a set of Google interview questions.  That'd gauge their IQ, EQ and mental agility pretty well.  But for heaven's sake, give a fair pay.  Inequality is so out of fashion!

Do Men Really Earn More Than Women?