Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Super Magic Sticks - SOLD!

*These sticks found a good home.  Better luck next time!*

These bunch of colourful magic sticks will make any golfer's dream come true.  Tee off higher, faster, longer further (sorry, copy mistake on the package - blame late night), Tiger's distance equivalent!  They come in bright colours so that you don't get embarrassed when you can't find your tee in front of your haughty friends during an intense game.

And the best part is, these magic sticks will work magic on someone's life - they get full donation from your purchase.  Now, not only you can achieve distance you could only dream of, you can also golf graciously knowing that every strike has helped touch someone's life :) And you can secretly smirk at your haughty friends for not knowing better!

Get your own pack of Super Magic Sticks now!  This one is going for RM10 15 only (come on, what is an additional 5 bucks for a warm fuzzy feeling?), while stocks last!

*This advertising message is intentionally exaggerated because we hold the Creative License.  Actual distance achieved may vary due to golfer's own personal skill.  Thank you for your support and we wish you the best greens, Tiger ;) *grrowl*

Purchase from The Good Samaritan Shop.

Monday, September 26, 2011

What is account planning?

50 years ago, Stephen King and Stanley Pollitt founded Account Planning, a fuse between Account Management and Media Planning (hence the hybrid name). Till today, nobody could really fully define the parameters of an Account Planner still. Some planners are more data analytical, some are more campaign designers, some are just... a higher class of pencil pushers with a whole load of hot air.

Nevertheless, what I feel an Account Planner's primary role is as in the words of King - to inspire creative work. Do we really?

Well, my rough definition would be:

1) Listen to the client and diagnose the illness - at this stage, it could probably be a hypothesis until further tests are carried out
2) Carry out tests to affirm or negate hypotheses
3) Define current position and more importantly what brought us here
4) Define desired position and design a strategy on how to get us out of the current rut, to where we prefer to be
5) Hypothesize the plan and run checks to 'test' out the plan (of course, this is only possible in a very ideal situation)
6) The final plan includes - the Big Idea (or some call it strategic concept, depending how creative/serious you want your stakeholders to view you) and the broad communication strategy
7) Once the road map is set, drill down - chart the consumer journey, and match messages with media, identify responses at each communication stage. A good Big Idea should be like a glue which holds everything together
8) Put on your creative hat, mash messages with media - at this stage, innovate something - put a spark into the plan
9) Design in detail each component based on its objectives
10) Put a timeline and it will show how realistic or lofty the plan is - revise accordingly
11) Implement
12) Measure - are we where we set out to be? And what got us here?

I'm always inspired to read words of old planning gurus. King made advertising sound like... a professional industry made up of art and science - truly unique, one of its kind, complementing and contradicting - one that makes us proud of what we can produce that significantly contributes to the society, economically and sustainably.

IMHO: Account Planner or not, don't ever let go of that pride. And if you are proud to be in the ad industry, prove your worth and stop pushing pencils.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Peace and turbulence.

I really miss those DIY days when I was in 甲府.  Not that I DIY-ed a lot.  But... yeah :) Learning how to draw.  Practising to make perfect.  Makes me feel like a kid again and please don't laugh.  Because what goes around comes around and when it happens to you, I'll make sure I laugh extra loud.  To your face.  

You know I am KIDDING right? :)

Don't take me so seriously, cause even I, don't.

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend ;)

Popot and Pipit join the Samaritans.

Look who's supporting the Good Samaritans now? Popot and Pipit debut, haha! ;) Awwritteeee ♡ Special thanks to Dons (love love love it :D)

Cute stuff makes me laugh :D 

Far faraway story from far faraway times.

Here is a story of a kite and a rock,
Though tied to each other, they disagree on everything they talked,
The kite was light and lived in the skies,
The rock was grounded and one of the wise,

The kite sees many things, windswept to faraway lands,
The rock spends days meeting and greeting his earthy friends,
One day, the haughty kite squeals in delight,
Exclaiming all the beautiful things that were in sight,
The rock was irritated and told her to stop the fuss,
There's nothing more beautiful than the greenest of grass,

The rock began to sing with the whistling stream,
Of warm brown earth, where you can rest and dream,
The kite was annoyed and told him to quit the noise,
Though really, she was quite taken with that voice,

Day pass and night fell for many moons,
They continue to quarrel like never-ending cartoons,
One day, a beetle asked if they wanted him to cut the string,
The one that binds them together, the source of all disagreement - oh yes, the string,

Then the kite would be able to fly anywhere and everywhere,
And the rock would be contented and be without care,
The thought silenced the two and suddenly they realized how silly it was,
The kite said, "I want to see beautiful things," and then she paused,

"But they'll be meaningless if I have no one to share",
"My earthy friends need me", the rock responded with care,
"But too much of it is quite tiring...
And it'll be nice to know other beautiful things",

And for the first time, they both fell silent,
How could they need each other when they are both so different!
One of matter and one of light,
One of dreams and one of might,

And for once they agree that,
One has something the other needed,
They want different things, but only one was missing,
Each other and that's really something.

Friday, September 23, 2011

New 'Circles' in Facebook?

Yes the new Facebook is confusing, but I'm sure we'll all get used to it after awhile. Haven't we been already doing that for the past couple of years?

Now, with the new features, you can group people into 'circles' (copycat!) so that you can sort of control your content viewership and in a way, regulate your own privacy settings on the fly.

But imagine... what if you could tag 'circles' that fall outside of your usual - friends, family, company, etc? What if you could tag people according to their interest? For example, tagging 'Bakers' when you upload a picture of cupcake. 'Footballers' when you share a video of the golden kick. 'Honda' when you watched a mini documentary. I'm imagining it to be something like a Twitter hash tag. So, likewise, if you want friends to share the right content with you, you've got to state your interests and hobbies accurately. Hmm... think about it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why robotic research is important to Honda, important to society, important to the future.

Some brands are just not mere projects. You can complete a project and walk away, whether you've done it well or not and say, "It's done". But some brands are what I call work-in-progress. It's a living organic culture which you are simply part of. And proud to be part of. A real living brand must always leave a part of its working culture that is sacred to its vision, the very one it was founded for. Untouched and unperturbed by the forces of macro-environments and profit margin. It is simply sacred.

Why is robotic research so important to Honda? Or more curiously, what has it got to do with Honda? Because...

We need to be design driven, innovation intensive.

Just 5 years ago, creativity was ahead of technology – we aspired to do so much that our platforms could not deliver. Today it’s reversed: Technology is out in front of our creativity, challenging us to tap into the white space it creates on a seemingly continual basis – Torrence Boone, Google

– We’ve talked about this damn it! Today, technology consideration is imperative when it comes to creative thinking. Our creativity is limited only by our own imagination, not technology. As the web evolves uncontrollably into a 3.0 platform and beyond, the world is truly our playground. And with increasingly widespread access, it is now a truly borderless level playing field.

C'mon! I can't do it alone!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good Samaritans gave light to people in darkness.

Good news :) Both items are sold. To be shamelessly honest, I was becoming heavy hearted when parting with my stuff. I think in a way, this is a good exercise for me. Someone told me recently that I shouldn't get so attached to 'things'. I didn't think I was but hey, now I know better. It's easy to let go of stuff that you no longer want or need. It's a lot tougher to let go of stuff that you still like. I suppose that applies to everything in life, innit? But it's all good :)

Thanks to the kind buyers, now we can put more lights in places people need them most - home :)

A total of RM80 (approximately 1,113.44 Philippine Peso) have been donated to this cause:

If you would like to support this cause on your own, please do so :)

The Tragedy.

This is the story of the little stickboy,
Who met a heart, cute as a toy,
They danced under stars and baked in sunlight,
They twirled and swirled, oh my, what a sight,

The heart was of pearls, flowers and honeycombed words,
The heart told tales of wonderful love and glorious hurt,
The boy had a bejeweled box, a longing to be filled,
The boy was mesmerized and bittersweetly thrilled,

Then came the most uneventful winter day,
The heart was becoming dreary, bored and a little gray,
Longs for fireworks and paintings in the sky,
For trains, overnight buses and all things fly,

She left little stickboy, reposed, fast asleep,
Left him, faint and falling deep,
With magnificent stories and chocolate dreams,
Weightless and bursting in his tiny little seams,

At first light, he wakes to find,
A strange note that wasn't at all rosemary and thyme,
One ashen with pain and a dreadful flame,
One that punishes him for the love he so tries to tame,

Pop something goes and up he floats,
Over rolling plains and ancient moats,
Desolated with wear and tear,
He left his own little heart in his box so bare,
Once hopeful and decorated with love,
Beautiful it was, like Snow White's turtle dove,
Now pop it goes again and again,
Boy, Heart and all burst in sorrows, drenched in rain...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Understanding wo(man).

Sometime today, I read on somebody's Facebook wall about 10 things women say and what they really mean. The gist was women never mean what they say and never say what they really mean. Without meaning to launch into another cliché 'battle of the sex' sort of scenario, I thought I'd skip the rebuttal, instead explore further insights to why women behave that way, to save everyone some heartache stemmed from perhaps, the many unnecessary arguments that should rise.

First of all, when we understand that both Mars and Venus are separated with a distance ranging from approximately 50 to 350 million kilometres (due to their different orbits), then surely there must be a time difference? Like how the East always lives a day ahead from the West, it's only logical for both Mars and Venus to have different time zones too. Hence, Martians and Venusians always have conflicting time reference. The usage of 'future' and 'this moment' is complicated but at the same time, can be simply explained; like magnets, always at the exact opposite of each other. Promises made at 'this moment' by Martians may not be extended as expected for Venusians. However, sometimes the usage swaps. For instance, doing house chores may mean 'at this moment' to Venusians but to Martians, it means 'soon'. To avoid such situations from rising, all you need to do is try swapping your perspectives. Both men and women alike, refer to the GMT and stick to your guns.

Secondly, it's true. After all the bad press women get from labels of 'psychotic girlfriend' to 'PMS mess', no wonder they don't want to be associated to their gender traits. Such as: Taking too long to get dressed, becoming too nag-gy, say they don't mind but they do, etc. Men on the other hand, though they don't get much good review too, they somehow seem to be able to swallow things easier, complete with a good chest-beating 'yeah, I'm a man, I'm like that!'. It's weird. It sounds almost like men pride to live up to their wayward habits and not women. Actually, it's confusing if you ask me. Why do women tell you they don't mind your feline best friend and get jealous after that? Because they are both understanding and possessive by nature. Obviously, no prize for guessing which is the stronger emotion when the internal struggle begins. So mate, it's not that she is going against her words. It is simply because her perspective has changed and she's sensing a threat. Sounds familiar? That's because it's the very same principle that drives a man too. The difference is when he feels that his territory is invaded, he attacks. So while men will sought out a fight, women naturally don't. Instead, they tell their partner. Now, how they make it known, I suppose is subjective to individual character.

I think men and women are built on the same principles - fundamental human needs (based on Maslow's brilliant pyramid) - physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem and self-actualization. And they look toward each other to fulfil these fundamental needs. I feel that sometimes we may be too critical and too selfish at the same time. Too much expectation from the partner and too little from oneself. It's so strange to hear people 'adapt' to their relationships but always wished that it could be better, almost as though they are hoping for something as rare as unconditional love. Well, they don't have to. The thing is, such concept cannot be found because it can only be created. I suppose when we want love, we first have to create it instead of waiting for our partner to initiate. Since when have we become so selfish? Hmm...

Well, there're no solutions to these... the debate goes on, the questions even further. What is it about this human relationship that is so intriguing and painful at the same time? Which makes us dive into it again and again nonetheless? I suppose, that's the beauty of the unsolvable mystery of living.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Undilah! Lu ni apahal! :)

Stellar cast! Superbly well made and you'll see all your favourite 'Petronas' and 'Earth Hour' faces in this video (I'm VERY sure Yasmin will be featured if she's still with us today. Most definitely, and she'll be DAMN proud of us ;)).

We owe our votes to Malaysia. Happy Malaysia Day y'all, yesterday, today, forever and a day.

YSL aviators up for sale in The Good Samaritan Shop.

Intrigued? Wanna look good and be part of a bigger cause? Then you should shop here.

p/s: All this 'putting things up for sale' is quite disturbing. The more I look at em', the more I want em' back :( Better get it before I change my mind...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sparks' Good Samaritan Shop project 2 :)


Wow. So much in just one day! Unfortunately, the bag hasn't been sold yet, but SO many people want to sell their stuff for charity. I mean, that's so cool! :) I'm glad you guys loved the idea and much love for all your repost and RTs ;)

Thanks to Don, I have two badges here so if you wanna sell your stuff for the same cause, please you're so welcome to do so! You could include the following badges (whichever one that takes your fancy) in your website, or you could print them out and label your stuff if you wish to sell at flea markets, anything, be creative! The badges are supposed to help you sell easier so that buyers know what your cause is. But of course, if you wish to be a crook and use this for personal gain, what can I do but turn the other cheek :) Glad to be of help, mate.

So... thanks much peeps. Unfortunately, I can't help you guys to sell your stuff cause Sparks lives in a house and not a warehouse! And, hopefully... something good will come out of this. If you wish to be part of this project by becoming a seller yourself, please please please mail me here so that I can get connected to you :)

Aww. Touched :) xoxo

Monday, September 12, 2011

Why sports marketing is a deception if not done right.

The world is awed by the weekly income some footballers are earning (we lost count by the number of subsequent zeros after the first digit...) but real sports experts will call it an impending doom of a 'Sports Bubble'. Like wise men say, what goes up must come down. When an industry is being run on a perceived value, then the inevitable will happen when it can no longer withstand the tension caused by an illusion of worth. We've seen it in dotcom, property and may even see it in social media. But sports? Who would have thought in Malaysia alone, it is speculated to be a 30 billion Ringgit worth industry - calculated by who anyway? No one knows, but that's what media is saying.

We've had the opportunity to had a casual chat with an industry veteran, Dato' Sieh, who's currently heading the Olympic Council of Malaysia. An ex-athlete and an engineer by profession, he's certainly someone who's got all the credit to his name in saying a thing or two about what is fundamentally wrong with sports in Malaysia. How it's being run, how athletes are being trained, how facilities are being built and maintained, how sports - an innocent and fun recreation - can turn ugly in the hands of those hard on the heels of commerce and profit. I sat there and thought, boy, this is going to be exciting.

According to Dato' Sieh, sports in Malaysia is simply not played on a levelled field. Unfortunately, it is badly and poorly managed at times, with no accountability. Here, let me frame it right for you: You know how big sports can potentially get by the sheer amount of dough moved by EPL clubs these days. Now imagine the same scenario here, except this is no marketing, business building scheme. With the size of such account, without any transparency, it could only mean one thing. Some may perhaps gain more than others? Well, no hard proof (like we said, there're no accounts), so... this is purely writer's speculation.

That got me thinking. It's quite similar to the music industry. The moguls are earning a lot with close to 70% of the profit goes to the record label, then the manager and then the artists. But by democratizing music online, suddenly the game is flipped. Artists are saying, screw the manager and screw the record label. Let's just sell what we love best - music - and sell it to who we love most - fans. I know it's not an apple to apple comparison, but can one day, sports be democratized in such a way? Not the same model, but making it free from dirty old crooks or national bureaucrats. Can it happen?

It's said that the government is incentivising athletes too much, by providing everything that the athlete may need in order to train. I suppose the fundamental problem is this. Our sports people are told that they either have to train 100% and that includes giving up academic studies to pursue their passion, or... they're out of the game. I'm not familiar with America, but I do believe that in order for kids to excel in sports, they have to at least keep their academic scores above the flailing line. But such is not in our country. So, sports people get into the industry without learning any other skills. It's true what Dato' said. It takes a champion to be a world champion. Many can have the passion to pursue any sport but to give 100% of your life to a field that only recognises ONE world champion, that's very risky business, no? Sports for many of us is a recreational and social activity. We spend 90% of our time working and 10% playing sports. Or in some cases a 70-30 split. Wouldn't it be logical for our sportsmen and women to focus on both their game and professional life based on some kind of ratio as well? Are there any studies which can prove that unless a person spends 100% of his/her time to train, then he or she will never be a world champion? Well, there you go. That's the debate. Imagine someone who plays for the country, not equipped with any other skills NOR education certificates. What happens when he or she can no longer continue the game? Well... that's the dilemma.

It was a very enlightening afternoon at OCM. There are so much more that I've learned in just that one and half hours but the important thing that Dato' imparted upon me was really... sports is the only place where you truly become who you are. If you want that point, you have to get it yourself. There's no other way and no one can do it for you. And if you are really good, it'll show. On the court, in the field, anywhere where a game is held - there you have - ultimate transparency. How good a person is, is measured exactly to his/her value. We have to admit, even in the corporate world, many of us are sometimes measured by a 'perceived' value, no?

While I've learned all these issues with sports in Malaysia, I've also been inspired with some solutions. I can't share everything here (this blog is getting too long!). One day, if you're interested to know or debate with me, let me know. Otherwise, I pledge that the next time we support a sports programme via our client's budget, we will try to support it better. We will try to sustain its innocent essence of 'recreational, fun, passion and a simple display of the human spirit' and try to support it better. Not just simply for clients to shake hands with the Red Devils or have dinner with Chong Wei. But for what it is truly worth. For the enjoyment of the game itself.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sparks' Good Samaritan Shop.

Hello everyone,

Today, I'd like to share with you another little beta project that I'm really excited about :) and it's called 'The Good Samaritan Shop'. Basically, it is an online project that sells pre-owned goods for charity. All proceeds from goods sold will be either used to purchase food or daily necessities or to pay for necessary bills/fees for the less fortunate. Well, unfortunately I have not identified which home to support yet because I'd like to respond based on their individual needs. But rest assure, to ensure transparency, I'll publish the transaction and purchases online as well as the identified charity :)

I'd like to apologise in advance for being a little selfish, and ask that you do not request for specific homes to donate the proceeds to as it will get messy (I hope you understand as God is fair and only gave me two hands). But am definitely definitely open for suggestions :))

Anyway, if you're interested to know why I'm doing this... well I kinda figured that we're really technically not just over-consuming, but over-storing stuff. I can't bear the size of my carbon footprint and in my attempt to reduce it, figure that perhaps some stuff should go. But I'm really a closet hoarder too, and instead of just donating 'my junk' to charity (which trust me, they need rice more than they need my pair of Adidas), so... I figured it would be wiser to sell them to people who may be interested in good, working pre-owned items, get the money and use it for charitable purposes. And I have have have to thank a friend who recently did that for my Nokia E70 and in return, he used the money to purchase rice and milk powder for charity. Wow, I mean seriously... like how awesome is that right?

So... there, here's a Good Samaritan Shop and I believe that the good Samaritan is you. Shop knowing that your money will be put into greater than good use :) I hope that will please you more than the things you may soon learn to love here. Everything is still very much 'beta', so please be patient. All emails are welcome except for junk so... please, if you have any thoughts, wire them to me here :)

First item to be sold online is an original Adidas Samba sling bag:
Dimensions: 28x26x6 (cm)
Colour: Red
Condition: GREAT :)
Weight: 500-600gm
Price: RM30 + postage
Postage price reference by POS LAJU (sorry, we only serve in Malaysia for the time being!)

You can read and see more in the Shop.

Well... fingers crossed to a sustainable project and good day to you too :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

The ideal relationship.

Look, we are both marketers. You of the brand and I of the campaign. With equal rights to the strategy and no one is lesser than the other.

You take care of the back-end and I'll take care of the front-end. You will work on RDI (Research, Development and Innovation), distribution and accessibility, price elasticity and value, packaging strategy and whatever that continues to make the product a need in the market, while I will take care of what consumers think of us - you identify who they are, I will find out who they want to be - I will look into creating the right messages to put out where, to whom, when and even how. I reckon if we do this together without ever lifting our eyes from our common enemy, we will win this game. You'll be surprise, that sometimes battles are won because of teamwork, so let's just make sure we've got this base well covered, shall we?

Let's also be clear of boundaries, when we should cross it and when we should respect it. Let's listen to one another - how the front looks from the back and vice versa and pay attention to the value of our ideas in genuinely improving our value to the society. It's about sharing of 'intelligence' so that neither you nor I are short-changed. No, we don't want to keep changing our system and yes, that's tiring. Stability, itself is also a value to enhance customers' confidence, but let's not be stagnant. Stagnant water stinks up the entire piping system, we know that now, don't we? Let's make a promise to one another that we're on the same side of the fence - like a restaurant, you in the kitchen and I'm on the dining floor. We need to work together to whip the best dishes for our hungry customers. And more than satiating their appetite, we want to make them happy and returning. Yes, let's make that our common goal.

Also, can we stop this nonsense of 'my agency doesn't understand what I need - my suits are pencil pushers, my creative only shoots for awards' and the crap of 'my client wants to play 'creative' because our job is sexier' and learn to respect each other as rightful professionals? Can we, can we, can we? Can we build a beautiful, wonderful and best of all, an ideal client-agency relationship? Shoot, let's drop the term 'client-agency'. Can we build a beautiful, wonderful and best of all, a real human relationship?

Can we stop wanting to bail out every time we hit a roadblock? Can we stop giving up on each other? Can you stop making me pitch just because you want to teach me a lesson? Can I stop giving you brainless proposals just because there's not enough time? Can you stop that superiority complex shit? Can I stop being artistic and start paying attention to what rings the cash register? Can you stop treating me like I don't have parents? Can I stop giving you things you want to do but I knew it wouldn't work so that I could just say, 'I told you so' with my eyes when the shit hits the fan? Can you? Can I? Can you? Can I?

I guess we could. I sincerely, hope we could.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rallying for an ECONATION. Join us at ECONATION365.

C'mon peeps. Chop chop! Yesterday, we officially launched our ECONATION campaign for Panasonic Malaysia at IGEM2011, KLCC. In conjunction with the marketing campaign which we've designed to rally and nudge every layer of our society to make a change towards a dream nation, an Econation (if you will), we've got an engagement portal up as well called the ECONATION365.
One fun task a day for 365 days, how resilient are you to be a true blue (or green in this case) Econation citizen? I've joined. Not because it's our campaign but because I truly believe that things can change (as witness in recent events). We may not be able to change our government (so fast) but we can still change the nation... by other means ;)

So, come on Malaysians! We only have one Earth, true. Malaysia resides only one part of the Earth, true. But we love our grounds, don't we? So let's do something small each day and collectively, we sit back and watch the nation change.

Towards an Econation! エッコネシィオンへ!Spread the word!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A premonition.

There will come a day when people and social media will biologically merge. Well somehow.

To avoid sounding gross and sadistic, there will be no genetic mutation nor injecting little chips into our brain or anything close to that. Perhaps a bracelet? Something that we don so that it recognises our action and updates our 'status' automatically.

Couple of things will happen:

1) Increased (even more) transparency on people's lives
2) The avoidance of narcissism and/or negative social labels (i.e social media junkie) because sharing what you do will become a public norm
3) Google (or Giggle, Gaggle, whomever) will start search based on people's actions, going beyond semantics and semiotics
4) We become our own brand at both personal and professional level - less hanky panky and more accountability - based on what you do, not what you say you do
5) As a result, people will strive to be better or live their aspired life or at least what they aspire others to perceive them as
6) More evil people, because when there are people doing good, there will also be people doing bad - the big brother syndrome is bigger than ever

Now, will that really happen? Hmm...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Always loved travelling.

When I see different things, I'm drawn into a state of great epiphany. Realists call that impractical, because of the dreams you dream when you travel. What do you do with them after that anyway? Dreams dreamt that won't come true, now that's what I call impractical. But is there such a thing as a practical dream? One that can be realized easily should be in the 'to-do' list. Have I have a dream that's not in the to-do list? Of course I do. And those dreams bring heartache for if there's a sliver of possibility that it might not come true, it remains a candy in the dusty recess of our minds.

Today I'm on reflective mode. Someone said recently, that we may be doing well in 37 things, yet we choose to focus on the one thing which we struggle with. And worse, amplify it. Why are we wired that way? When asked about love, we focus on heartbreaks. When asked about connection, we talk about disconnection. Likewise, I caught myself thinking about all the things I don't have when I have so many. One value that I'm lacking when I'm enough. One person that I'm not with when I'm surrounded by loved ones. Why and how is our brain wired that we fail to see the silver lining that we are enough? How do you do more, live more, have more when you are enough anyway? Life is one single oxymoronic word. As I was telling a friend, there's no way you can convince yourself entirely. Or should I say, there's always a way to convince yourself for doing something. An excuse, a reason, a raison d'être. This always-present conflict has never been more apparent till that one fine day, I stepped into Smythson on Bond and something written on the cover of their famed notebook caught my eye which says: The best things come to those who wait. As I was about to pick the notebook up, my sight was diverted to the scarlet one placed directly above which goes like: Make it happen. So, do we wait? Or do we do? Which do you follow?

Are we generally a negative bunch or are we just greedy? If we tell ourselves we are enough then when or how do we evolve? Or is enough, only for some and not for others? If so, how do we know? Are some of us granted this unique ability or simply just chosen to be in the torment of perfection for the rest of our lives? If it was up to me. I would choose the state that I'll be happier in. But if you do something that might not be something you're happy doing, but it will prove to be the best for everyone else, would you still do it? Yes, I do believe they have a label for that. It's called a martyr.

Well, we have tried to be everything, except 'enough'. Maybe it's time we should.