Sunday, September 25, 2011

Far faraway story from far faraway times.

Here is a story of a kite and a rock,
Though tied to each other, they disagree on everything they talked,
The kite was light and lived in the skies,
The rock was grounded and one of the wise,

The kite sees many things, windswept to faraway lands,
The rock spends days meeting and greeting his earthy friends,
One day, the haughty kite squeals in delight,
Exclaiming all the beautiful things that were in sight,
The rock was irritated and told her to stop the fuss,
There's nothing more beautiful than the greenest of grass,

The rock began to sing with the whistling stream,
Of warm brown earth, where you can rest and dream,
The kite was annoyed and told him to quit the noise,
Though really, she was quite taken with that voice,

Day pass and night fell for many moons,
They continue to quarrel like never-ending cartoons,
One day, a beetle asked if they wanted him to cut the string,
The one that binds them together, the source of all disagreement - oh yes, the string,

Then the kite would be able to fly anywhere and everywhere,
And the rock would be contented and be without care,
The thought silenced the two and suddenly they realized how silly it was,
The kite said, "I want to see beautiful things," and then she paused,

"But they'll be meaningless if I have no one to share",
"My earthy friends need me", the rock responded with care,
"But too much of it is quite tiring...
And it'll be nice to know other beautiful things",

And for the first time, they both fell silent,
How could they need each other when they are both so different!
One of matter and one of light,
One of dreams and one of might,

And for once they agree that,
One has something the other needed,
They want different things, but only one was missing,
Each other and that's really something.

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