Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Super Magic Sticks - SOLD!

*These sticks found a good home.  Better luck next time!*

These bunch of colourful magic sticks will make any golfer's dream come true.  Tee off higher, faster, longer further (sorry, copy mistake on the package - blame late night), Tiger's distance equivalent!  They come in bright colours so that you don't get embarrassed when you can't find your tee in front of your haughty friends during an intense game.

And the best part is, these magic sticks will work magic on someone's life - they get full donation from your purchase.  Now, not only you can achieve distance you could only dream of, you can also golf graciously knowing that every strike has helped touch someone's life :) And you can secretly smirk at your haughty friends for not knowing better!

Get your own pack of Super Magic Sticks now!  This one is going for RM10 15 only (come on, what is an additional 5 bucks for a warm fuzzy feeling?), while stocks last!

*This advertising message is intentionally exaggerated because we hold the Creative License.  Actual distance achieved may vary due to golfer's own personal skill.  Thank you for your support and we wish you the best greens, Tiger ;) *grrowl*

Purchase from The Good Samaritan Shop.