Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sparks' Good Samaritan Shop project 2 :)


Wow. So much in just one day! Unfortunately, the bag hasn't been sold yet, but SO many people want to sell their stuff for charity. I mean, that's so cool! :) I'm glad you guys loved the idea and much love for all your repost and RTs ;)

Thanks to Don, I have two badges here so if you wanna sell your stuff for the same cause, please you're so welcome to do so! You could include the following badges (whichever one that takes your fancy) in your website, or you could print them out and label your stuff if you wish to sell at flea markets, anything, be creative! The badges are supposed to help you sell easier so that buyers know what your cause is. But of course, if you wish to be a crook and use this for personal gain, what can I do but turn the other cheek :) Glad to be of help, mate.

So... thanks much peeps. Unfortunately, I can't help you guys to sell your stuff cause Sparks lives in a house and not a warehouse! And, hopefully... something good will come out of this. If you wish to be part of this project by becoming a seller yourself, please please please mail me here so that I can get connected to you :)

Aww. Touched :) xoxo

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