Friday, September 9, 2011

The ideal relationship.

Look, we are both marketers. You of the brand and I of the campaign. With equal rights to the strategy and no one is lesser than the other.

You take care of the back-end and I'll take care of the front-end. You will work on RDI (Research, Development and Innovation), distribution and accessibility, price elasticity and value, packaging strategy and whatever that continues to make the product a need in the market, while I will take care of what consumers think of us - you identify who they are, I will find out who they want to be - I will look into creating the right messages to put out where, to whom, when and even how. I reckon if we do this together without ever lifting our eyes from our common enemy, we will win this game. You'll be surprise, that sometimes battles are won because of teamwork, so let's just make sure we've got this base well covered, shall we?

Let's also be clear of boundaries, when we should cross it and when we should respect it. Let's listen to one another - how the front looks from the back and vice versa and pay attention to the value of our ideas in genuinely improving our value to the society. It's about sharing of 'intelligence' so that neither you nor I are short-changed. No, we don't want to keep changing our system and yes, that's tiring. Stability, itself is also a value to enhance customers' confidence, but let's not be stagnant. Stagnant water stinks up the entire piping system, we know that now, don't we? Let's make a promise to one another that we're on the same side of the fence - like a restaurant, you in the kitchen and I'm on the dining floor. We need to work together to whip the best dishes for our hungry customers. And more than satiating their appetite, we want to make them happy and returning. Yes, let's make that our common goal.

Also, can we stop this nonsense of 'my agency doesn't understand what I need - my suits are pencil pushers, my creative only shoots for awards' and the crap of 'my client wants to play 'creative' because our job is sexier' and learn to respect each other as rightful professionals? Can we, can we, can we? Can we build a beautiful, wonderful and best of all, an ideal client-agency relationship? Shoot, let's drop the term 'client-agency'. Can we build a beautiful, wonderful and best of all, a real human relationship?

Can we stop wanting to bail out every time we hit a roadblock? Can we stop giving up on each other? Can you stop making me pitch just because you want to teach me a lesson? Can I stop giving you brainless proposals just because there's not enough time? Can you stop that superiority complex shit? Can I stop being artistic and start paying attention to what rings the cash register? Can you stop treating me like I don't have parents? Can I stop giving you things you want to do but I knew it wouldn't work so that I could just say, 'I told you so' with my eyes when the shit hits the fan? Can you? Can I? Can you? Can I?

I guess we could. I sincerely, hope we could.

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