Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sparks' Good Samaritan Shop.

Hello everyone,

Today, I'd like to share with you another little beta project that I'm really excited about :) and it's called 'The Good Samaritan Shop'. Basically, it is an online project that sells pre-owned goods for charity. All proceeds from goods sold will be either used to purchase food or daily necessities or to pay for necessary bills/fees for the less fortunate. Well, unfortunately I have not identified which home to support yet because I'd like to respond based on their individual needs. But rest assure, to ensure transparency, I'll publish the transaction and purchases online as well as the identified charity :)

I'd like to apologise in advance for being a little selfish, and ask that you do not request for specific homes to donate the proceeds to as it will get messy (I hope you understand as God is fair and only gave me two hands). But am definitely definitely open for suggestions :))

Anyway, if you're interested to know why I'm doing this... well I kinda figured that we're really technically not just over-consuming, but over-storing stuff. I can't bear the size of my carbon footprint and in my attempt to reduce it, figure that perhaps some stuff should go. But I'm really a closet hoarder too, and instead of just donating 'my junk' to charity (which trust me, they need rice more than they need my pair of Adidas), so... I figured it would be wiser to sell them to people who may be interested in good, working pre-owned items, get the money and use it for charitable purposes. And I have have have to thank a friend who recently did that for my Nokia E70 and in return, he used the money to purchase rice and milk powder for charity. Wow, I mean seriously... like how awesome is that right?

So... there, here's a Good Samaritan Shop and I believe that the good Samaritan is you. Shop knowing that your money will be put into greater than good use :) I hope that will please you more than the things you may soon learn to love here. Everything is still very much 'beta', so please be patient. All emails are welcome except for junk so... please, if you have any thoughts, wire them to me here :)

First item to be sold online is an original Adidas Samba sling bag:
Dimensions: 28x26x6 (cm)
Colour: Red
Condition: GREAT :)
Weight: 500-600gm
Price: RM30 + postage
Postage price reference by POS LAJU (sorry, we only serve in Malaysia for the time being!)

You can read and see more in the Shop.

Well... fingers crossed to a sustainable project and good day to you too :)

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