Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good Samaritans gave light to people in darkness.

Good news :) Both items are sold. To be shamelessly honest, I was becoming heavy hearted when parting with my stuff. I think in a way, this is a good exercise for me. Someone told me recently that I shouldn't get so attached to 'things'. I didn't think I was but hey, now I know better. It's easy to let go of stuff that you no longer want or need. It's a lot tougher to let go of stuff that you still like. I suppose that applies to everything in life, innit? But it's all good :)

Thanks to the kind buyers, now we can put more lights in places people need them most - home :)

A total of RM80 (approximately 1,113.44 Philippine Peso) have been donated to this cause:

If you would like to support this cause on your own, please do so :)