Monday, September 5, 2011

Always loved travelling.

When I see different things, I'm drawn into a state of great epiphany. Realists call that impractical, because of the dreams you dream when you travel. What do you do with them after that anyway? Dreams dreamt that won't come true, now that's what I call impractical. But is there such a thing as a practical dream? One that can be realized easily should be in the 'to-do' list. Have I have a dream that's not in the to-do list? Of course I do. And those dreams bring heartache for if there's a sliver of possibility that it might not come true, it remains a candy in the dusty recess of our minds.

Today I'm on reflective mode. Someone said recently, that we may be doing well in 37 things, yet we choose to focus on the one thing which we struggle with. And worse, amplify it. Why are we wired that way? When asked about love, we focus on heartbreaks. When asked about connection, we talk about disconnection. Likewise, I caught myself thinking about all the things I don't have when I have so many. One value that I'm lacking when I'm enough. One person that I'm not with when I'm surrounded by loved ones. Why and how is our brain wired that we fail to see the silver lining that we are enough? How do you do more, live more, have more when you are enough anyway? Life is one single oxymoronic word. As I was telling a friend, there's no way you can convince yourself entirely. Or should I say, there's always a way to convince yourself for doing something. An excuse, a reason, a raison d'ĂȘtre. This always-present conflict has never been more apparent till that one fine day, I stepped into Smythson on Bond and something written on the cover of their famed notebook caught my eye which says: The best things come to those who wait. As I was about to pick the notebook up, my sight was diverted to the scarlet one placed directly above which goes like: Make it happen. So, do we wait? Or do we do? Which do you follow?

Are we generally a negative bunch or are we just greedy? If we tell ourselves we are enough then when or how do we evolve? Or is enough, only for some and not for others? If so, how do we know? Are some of us granted this unique ability or simply just chosen to be in the torment of perfection for the rest of our lives? If it was up to me. I would choose the state that I'll be happier in. But if you do something that might not be something you're happy doing, but it will prove to be the best for everyone else, would you still do it? Yes, I do believe they have a label for that. It's called a martyr.

Well, we have tried to be everything, except 'enough'. Maybe it's time we should.

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