Friday, September 23, 2011

New 'Circles' in Facebook?

Yes the new Facebook is confusing, but I'm sure we'll all get used to it after awhile. Haven't we been already doing that for the past couple of years?

Now, with the new features, you can group people into 'circles' (copycat!) so that you can sort of control your content viewership and in a way, regulate your own privacy settings on the fly.

But imagine... what if you could tag 'circles' that fall outside of your usual - friends, family, company, etc? What if you could tag people according to their interest? For example, tagging 'Bakers' when you upload a picture of cupcake. 'Footballers' when you share a video of the golden kick. 'Honda' when you watched a mini documentary. I'm imagining it to be something like a Twitter hash tag. So, likewise, if you want friends to share the right content with you, you've got to state your interests and hobbies accurately. Hmm... think about it.

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