Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rallying for an ECONATION. Join us at ECONATION365.

C'mon peeps. Chop chop! Yesterday, we officially launched our ECONATION campaign for Panasonic Malaysia at IGEM2011, KLCC. In conjunction with the marketing campaign which we've designed to rally and nudge every layer of our society to make a change towards a dream nation, an Econation (if you will), we've got an engagement portal up as well called the ECONATION365.
One fun task a day for 365 days, how resilient are you to be a true blue (or green in this case) Econation citizen? I've joined. Not because it's our campaign but because I truly believe that things can change (as witness in recent events). We may not be able to change our government (so fast) but we can still change the nation... by other means ;)

So, come on Malaysians! We only have one Earth, true. Malaysia resides only one part of the Earth, true. But we love our grounds, don't we? So let's do something small each day and collectively, we sit back and watch the nation change.

Towards an Econation! エッコネシィオンへ!Spread the word!

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