Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A premonition.

There will come a day when people and social media will biologically merge. Well somehow.

To avoid sounding gross and sadistic, there will be no genetic mutation nor injecting little chips into our brain or anything close to that. Perhaps a bracelet? Something that we don so that it recognises our action and updates our 'status' automatically.

Couple of things will happen:

1) Increased (even more) transparency on people's lives
2) The avoidance of narcissism and/or negative social labels (i.e social media junkie) because sharing what you do will become a public norm
3) Google (or Giggle, Gaggle, whomever) will start search based on people's actions, going beyond semantics and semiotics
4) We become our own brand at both personal and professional level - less hanky panky and more accountability - based on what you do, not what you say you do
5) As a result, people will strive to be better or live their aspired life or at least what they aspire others to perceive them as
6) More evil people, because when there are people doing good, there will also be people doing bad - the big brother syndrome is bigger than ever

Now, will that really happen? Hmm...

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