Monday, January 14, 2008

A picture tells a thousand words. But one added with a few words tells a million.

My stumble upon a new journalistic docu-photography publication is honestly, most divinely, purely providential during my short transit in Dubai, a week ago. Sowar magazine is the new niche publication dedicated to satisfy those with an insatiable hunger for new photographic perspectives on the everyday and more often than not, the overlooked mundane life in Lebanon and Le Vant. I think we'd all do better by practise seeing things from different angles, you think?

This gave me an idea. What if someone produces a free mag which is totally user-generated? What if it takes everyone and anyone to contribute? What if everyone can be a contributing writer and/or photographer? What if flickr comes alive and takes the form of a free magazine? What if all you need is just an editor and a team of designers with a real eye for quotes and form? What if everyone can talk about everything they are passionate about? What if the magazine is called MINE? Because it does, in a sense, belong to everyone? Does anyone know if I'm unconsciously plagarizing this from somewhere? Any idea takers?

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