Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Malaysian reformation process has already started. It was filmed.

Komas is a popular communications centre set up in the 90s to provide services to groups that are involved in a whole range of issues in Malaysia today which I think is somehow associated with Pakatan (this is to caution you before you watch the video below).

Here's an extremely well produced video entitled 'After the Tsunami' (referring to the 12th General Election that cost BN four states), meant to educate every Tom, Dick and Sue (in short: you and I) about what's really happening behind the scenes. A heated chat with a friend lately revolves around the topic of how there's not one single Malaysian who is doing anything to make any change. Well, here you go. I beg to differ. BIG TIME differ.

Today is different from yesterday. The evolved nature of the web will bring us another tsunami. While I don't think the internet is our savior, but I do think that it is the one vehicle that will bring about change if we persist and pursue. Connectivity, content and communication. That's old digital talk. But Change will not be difficult to achieve because all we have to remember is the web is no longer virtual. Instead, it has become a digital mapping of the real world. The anonymity and barriers will break, people will be more susceptible to consume new ideas and ideologies. We just have to be transparent, accountable and consistent. The net requires minimal budget for change. Flash mobs don't cost a single cent but it could be organised by just a single tweet. The government is understandably afraid. All I can say is, play fair. Online, every one is equal.

Selepas Tsunami (After the Tsunami) from Pusat KOMAS on Vimeo.

Note: Don't you ever, ever, ever give up hope on 'us'. If you don't have money, you work for it. If you don't have food, you grow it. If you don't have a home, you build it. If you don't have friends, you make some. But if you don't have hope, you become an empty soul that has got nothing to fight for. You live each day as though you're sleepwalking, without knowing what's your end game. And your selfish life will one day end inevitably, only for you to realize that you have left nothing behind for your children that they cannot work, grow, build and make on their own. And they too will become empty vessels waiting to return to earth, just like how you did without making any difference. So no matter what happens, how unhappy you are, how frustrated, how angry, how spiteful you are. Don't ever give up that God-given privilege, which is to be 'hopeful'.

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