Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good meeting and great opportunity.

Had a very good meeting with a potential client last week. It's amazing how sometimes when you decide to invest in something despite popular scepticism, the return comes back to you as long as you have faith and stick to it. Brilliant light bulb moments don't always happen, but endurance is what makes those who stick around in this industry, stick around. Guess it's about balance.

Am also in preparation for another pitch submission this week. How you'd approach a 'submission' pitch versus a one day live presentation is totally different. You know how sometimes when you look at the creative idea and you know, 'THAT'S IT'. I guess it's pretty much the same for a pitch document. You look at the strategy and you go 'THAT'S IT'. Without the presenter needing to say anything. For me, it's always a tougher challenge albeit a fairer one. That's because some planners are great presenters. They don't need to write anything to be able to sell the campaign. Well, haha, I don't think I'm one of them. So, without swaying the audience via charisma, we all depend on the black and white document which is to be submitted. So, it has to come out strong, clear and concise - within the stated amount of pages.

Well, a bit more and I'm done with the document. Gonna go back to work tomorrow to touch base with the creative team and this time... I'm totally feeling the pressure. It's hard to take a Toyota-stance in things. Always easier to be a challenger because you have nothing to lose. Well, what can I say... may God award the account to the best man for the job.

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