Sunday, May 30, 2010

National Geographic Store is now opened in Lot 10, Malaysia.

I can think of so many people who will love love love the Christmas gifts from this store. Well, there's the travel journal for MChoo, the globe for Iwie, the travel guide for Kim, the fleece sweater for Jan, the backpack for JY, the sunnies for Tuts, the DVDs for Muthu, the squared NatGeo notebook for Meow, the DNA testkit for Zhoong (not what you think okay... read about The Genographic Project), and the list goes on even well after I've declared bankruptcy. The items are not cheap mind you, but they're wonderful to look at because they stir the sleeping travel bug in us. And it ain't about dainty travels, it's about discovery of new cultures, new heights, new sciences, new frontiers. Expeditions which will require us to gear up so we can forget about looking our best (well of course, unless you're dressed in National Geographic's official travel gear).

Too cool to miss. You should visit this place at Lot 10 on Jalan Bukit Bintang.

I got myself something too (how could I not?). It's a book about the story of the National Geographic Society. I remember couple of years back, I found some really old 1930s (?) editions. Dang, I should have bought them. All of them. Well, let me have a good read and you can borrow after that ;)

(Yea, adding on to the above Christmas list... all the books for ME!) :))

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