Monday, May 17, 2010

Malaysia: Open corruption?

Actually, in all honesty, I feel sorry for our dear PM. To be very neutral, I can understand where he is coming from. BN promises shall be fulfilled if they're voted into office at Sibu, Sarawak. In order for that fulfilment to happen, they need the people's help to have them help the people.

But the repercussion of the following video which is circulating widely online brings wrong perception. Add a lot of of cynicism, minus the context and multiply by BN's unimpressive history equals 'open implication of corruption'. Well... this time, I really don't think that's the PM's original message. This is a case of good intention but wrong method of delivery. Whomever the speechwriter is, he should be shot (well, of course unless our PM prefers spontaneity at the podium :P) because that's simply one of the poorest and most misconstrued script ever written that's non-befitting for a Prime Minister! If you wanna know what's a GOOD, mount moving speech, get The Penguin Book of 20th Century Speeches. Now, THOSE are great speeches befitting the royal blood and soul.

On the contrary, alongside the speechwriter. This keris-wielding dude should be shot also. For screwing the minds of Malaysians with his imbecile remarks.

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