Friday, November 9, 2007

Gollywog! It's a G-phone!

Says it all. JY suggested the killer duo (which I'm sure is also highly speculated by now) Google + iPhone. But it seems like it will be going beyond that. Any phone can be a Gphone which is basically (drumroll, get this) a user-generated phone. Already, in my previous study done, I found that Malaysians' new best friend is called Phone, Mobile Phone. Can't leave home without it. Or hang on, scratch home and I mean LIVE. Malaysians rely so much on their mobile phones, they won't be able to live without it at all. It's beyond the superficial of connecting you to another human, I'm talking beyond human connection! Your phone 'talks' to you when you're unhappy using music. 'Plays' with you when you're bored using games. 'Makes life easier' for you when booking cinema tickets. 'Get things done anywhere' through WIFI. 'Manages finance' through mobile money and banking. 'Keeps you entertained everywhere' through mobile TV. And here's something really grassroot: 'Helps you remember stuff' through its camera. How? Here's how.

Man comparing price of a furniture he saw awhile ago using a snapshot he took using his mobile phone

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  1. Oh yes, i use my phone for all those purpose. I also use it to catch up on reading and remind me of things i need to do. The camera is really useful for 'jotting' down notes and advertisements.

    I did a little entry on the gPhone a week back. One (rumored)feature that struck me the most was the 'free' service just by viewing an ad before making a call.

    The opensource software thing is cool too, now i wouldn't have to pay (or pirate XD) applications that i need. Oh, and the OS would also be so much easier to upgrade (i assume) unlike those now which have to be unlocked and what not. That way, bugs and problems can always be solved as soon as someone spots it.


    p.s. I need a WiFi phone.