Monday, May 23, 2011

The priority of values.

Sometimes I wonder, do we truly prioritize what we value? In our industry (or this country as a matter of fact), do we value standards over 'just getting it done'?

It frustrates me immensely to know that when we achieve a little something and we become contented and stop aiming for the stars. It frustrates me thoroughly to know that we sometimes excuse ourselves in various ways to not push for the highest standards we owe to our trade. Good is great but consistency is greater than good.

Sometimes I wonder, who are we? Ad factory? Or really, we're here to put some good value back into the society? To take orders or exercise our brain cells? To go with the tide or to question the norm? To satisfy our monthly expenditure or produce results that genuinely satisfy?

Sometimes, I wonder. And I'm truly beginning to wonder if I am in the right industry at all.

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