Friday, June 10, 2011

Small start to big things.

The Tambuli Awards is Asia Pac's industry recognition for IMC effectiveness that also promotes positive societal values. Last night, Dentsu U received a Bronze for Best Small Budget Brand category for the Insight Generation campaign. When I thought about it, it's funny how things unfold. One minute we were launching the car, the client breathing down our necks, we were breathing down other people's necks, so many issues with costing and production and timeline and finally *poop* the campaign was a wrap. And so many months later, *poop* we were awarded a small recognition for at least meeting industry standards. Honestly, the latter was entirely unexpected. They say good things happen when you least expect it to. Well, whomever who coined that was a genius :)

We've been riding on some wind brought by lady luck, blessed with some small network awards, etc. This was a first for us from international shores. So I guess, it certainly calls for a celebration.

But strangely... I don't mean to sound like a perfection-chasing, unfulfilled cynic, but something's still missing. I don't know what it is... I feel that this award really goes to the entire team who went out an arm and a limb to make it happen. So in a way, it's really a great motivation. It puts a smile on their face because the industry is telling them that they've done an amazing job and at the end of the day, it's all worth taking the shit for. I sometimes wish, I am motivated the same way. If you ask me, I gain more intensity of satisfaction in seeing people smile when they received a potted plant from Honda's Insight Generation than when going up on stage to receive the award. Maybe because it ain't Gold? HA HA. Kiiiiiiddddddding!

I know metals are great motivation drivers. But if we're not careful, we will then be driven to do things for the wrong reasons. I'd sound really arrogant to say that awards are not my thing. Maybe I should clarify. It's not my 'personal' thing. But I do recognise the fact that this is how the industry game is played. Agencies are constantly being benchmarked with one another on not just their creative ability but also their element of innovation, social responsibility and of course, effectiveness. And so, chasing for awards becomes an unavoidable management tactic. The responsibility no longer lies solely on the creative department. We now have to look into all façades of our business and see what we can push, where, involving many stakeholders.

I think the challenge is to make sure we have our goal posts in the right spot and make sure it damn well stays there! Oh well, I suppose if we get our bearings right, then all things great will come our way, anyway. So let us continue to make a difference in this world. With the skills we're blessed with and with what we're trained to do :) 今からもとがんばります!

p/s: Can't thank you guys enough.

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