Monday, October 13, 2014

IKEA is sexist.

Yup. The everybody-loves-cheap-and-good furniture and home decor giant from Sweden who also holds a gigantic prejudice against the fairer and frail-ier gender.  Women.  Muscle-less women.  Women who don't do crossfit and can't lift a 10kg flat pack on her own.

Have you ever thought why is it SO jam-packed in IKEA?  Two weeks ago, I sent a private message to the IKEA team on Facebook (I'm being ignored already due to my persistent questioning of gender equality, but oh well, what's not to be expected).  To be honest, my inquiry was gently masqueraded as a genuine honest query on why IKEA with every resource prepared, does not have e-commerce?

Here's IKEA's answer: Thanks for being a major fan! We would love to cater to to requests from our fans for online shopping, however we don't have the resources for this service just yet! We do appreciate fans who brave the jam to come visit us - isn't shopping in store (being able to see, touch and possibly, sniff) our items better than shopping online?

Well, IKEA, here's my answer to your question: NO.

I'm your major fan, but I can see that you're not mine.  In this age of personalization, easy access and #lifehacks (sorry, it didn't seem complete without the hashtag), does anyone think they can escape from providing products and services that don't consider consumer needs first?

Isn't it peculiar?  Women who are the growing economic power and a strong draft in social change, can't perform a simple task such as buying a big wardrobe from IKEA on her own, simply because we couldn't.  Fullstop.  Our arms and legs just won't let us carry an 8-ft, god-knows-how-many-kgs flat pack on our own.  I'm PRETTY sure some guys have problems too.  Which is why, if you take a drive to IKEA at anytime, you'll pretty much see the Woman scouring for stuff, while the Man stands at the side with his giant trolley and tries not to be too much in everyone's way and only acts when he's bidded by Her Royal Highness.

Now let's pause here.

Dear IKEA.  If you are reading this, wouldn't it be MUCH simpler if you did away with greed (we will buy your stuff even if we're not there seeing, touching and possibly sniffing them. Yes, WITH impulse, and YES to even your smallest stuff!) and just build an e-commerce platform?  You'll be everybody's major fan. Instantly, I promise.  I'll even throw in payment for your service.  Ok?

Online shopping is a woman's game. Okay, we have stats to prove what they do when they're online.  But seriously, forget about indulgence but really consider the very practicality of a woman's lifestyle.  If she's born frail, do you expect her to carry a 1kg bottle of cooking oil, 1 pack of toilet roll, 3kg worth of rice and tonnes of other fresh foods and cleaning detergent, etc, all entirely on her own?

Okay, so maybe she should learn to build up a little bit, I mean who asked her to be stay frail right?  Okay, let's try something else then.  What if that woman was your 60 year old mother?  Who by the way need to fend off unscrupulous snatch thieves and what not while carrying all I've mentioned above.  And you tell me there's NO market for e-commerce?  YOU are not ready?

Tsk tsk.  Really? 

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