Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Country as a Brand

Read this headline from The Star:

"The RM60bil stimulus package is not “a silver bullet” but designed to prevent Malaysia from slipping into a recession, said the Deputy Prime Minister."

Then this on

"The auto companies flew to Washington with brands a blazing, only to be escorted to the door with their tails between the legs.

For weeks, media pundits commented on the big three CEO’s poor performance, but the bigger brand story remains untold.

These three gentlemen are very lucky today, for not even the existing Bush or incoming Obama stood up for them. The gentlemen were saved by their companies’ brands. Despite their three brands incredible mismanagement, they were positioned to be among the first to line up at the rapidly growing government trough.

Their story of brand mismanagement, repositioning, reinvestment and commitment can serve us all in better understanding the importance of brand, it’s meaning, power, role and value in a successful free market economy..."

I cannot help but feel that Malaysia has been mismanaged for the longest time. I'm just worried about what will happen in the future if it continues to be in the hands of those who are only interested in themselves.

Sigh* My beloved country...

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