Monday, April 20, 2009

The consequences of over-globalization.

Globalization is good. It brings people closer and erases the boundaries which our nationalities (and forefathers) have tried so hard to separate. But what happens when we over-globalized? Capitalism kicks in and we slide into a downward spiral of greed and ignorance. Between the two, I think human ignorance is a harder war to wage against...

But businesses can make a difference. Corporations, entities which are responsible for the economic situation should also be responsible for the environment which they function in. Whether it's environmental or societal, the impact on these issues should be considered right from drafting the business case to advertising the end-product. And all parties involved should drive a role in ensuring the well-being of the community being prioritized instead of reacting to clients and partners, passing the buck around. The buck stops here. Right here, right now. If you have a business, and if you are reading this, and if you are guilty as charged. Do something.

*Short film by Ferdinand Dimadura at the 56th Berlin International Film Festival.

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