Monday, August 30, 2010

An intimate conversation between two planners.

X: You know, I don't really agree on how it was done. Come to think of it, it was such a demeaning thing to do if you ask me.

X-1: Well, I don't agree either but I can understand why. You seem like one with a lot of high values, aren't you?

X: Of course! We have to stand on certain moral grounds.

X-1: But who appointed you the moral guardian of others?

X: So you're telling me you have none?

X-1: I do have my own values. It's just that sometimes, this job takes you to certain corners of your belief system and jolts it hard. And sometimes in order to really gain some kind of illumination, you've just got to be brave enough to explore the unknown.

X: And what? And lose your values?

X-1: No, you just have to always remember the way home. Or risk losing yourself forever. This job is sometimes a moral dilemma. You have too many rules, they become stumbling blocks. You just need to know how to bend it when the situation calls for it.

X: I believe that there is right and there is wrong to things. And values help us differentiate that.

X-1: Only for you. Not everyone has the same values as you. Remember? Like perfection, absolute value doesn't exist either...

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