Sunday, November 28, 2010

Incredible Sparks.

This last quarter of 2010 has been incredibly busy for Sparks. Amidst from flying around and running in and out of meetings, this is by far the busiest period of my attachment with Dentsu Utama to date. Seriously, I kinda miss my life a little. But then again, the satisfaction that's been resulted from such chaotic period is also immensely encouraging. I guess you can't have everything, can you?

But just for awhile, I really need to slow down and take a break. You must be wondering, didn't I just got back from France? Yeah, like a decade ago. I'm not sure if I enjoyed it as much as I should have because I couldn't let go of work and most of the time I was busy checking mails or having conference calls. To be honest with you, that really sucked. I was there, but I wasn't there. It really really sucked. BUT, what can I say. What you've got to do, you've got to do. So no complains, but still. As a statement of fact - that really sucked.

So, now I'm planning for a short break in February. It's gonna be a really short trip but I bet it's gonna be a really awesome, breezy and balmy one. No letting the cat out of the bag. I'll let Cat share the experience with you when the time comes.

So, just one more week and it's the moment we've all been waiting and slogging for. The 2010 KL Motorshow week. I can't wait for the first launch day because I believe it will truly be a spectacular experience - witnessing all the bits and pieces of your blood, sweat and tears coming together in full glory. I'll be there for almost every day from 4 to 10pm. Yes, I'll be giving out brochures, wiping iPads, giving away goodies, etc. Ha! If I ain't value for money, show me another Planner who would be caught dead doing that! But it's okay, this project is as close to me as every other one, what is a couple of days standing stiff for 6 hours right? Right. Everyone else in the team will be doing that too. I so wish I could make my boss stand with me. Cause I know the previous one will. Yes, there's bitterness in there. But that's another chapter altogether.

Haih... oh Sparks Sparks... what for art thou. Why for art thou doing this? Well, what can I say. It comes in a package. Sweet things sometimes come with bitterness, and you've got to swallow them whole. And swallow them whole I will!

Anyway, come look me up if you're there too. Come shake my hands and introduce yourself. Come exchange name cards and see if we could create a worthy partnership. Or just simply come and be a kind companion. Come and give me tips on how to improve my blog, or even my job. Come hire me ;) Well, in any case, I'll see you there!

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