Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Contagious case study: The colour of money.

Read it in ADOI this month's issue on page 65 (funny, I just realised that the pagination stops at 64).

This month's case study feature, titled 'Colour of Money' is about the greening of consumerism and how global consumers are breaking into segments. It's very similar to what we have done to increase sustainable advocacy in mass consumerism in Malaysia. And it's also interesting to note some segments that are covered by GfK Roper Consulting but were not visible when we completed our local study. Hmm, it really gives us an idea on how to improve The Green Chronicles to further distill insights, should we run it again. And I seriously think we should run it again next year. Inspired ;) Now I just need funding. Solutions, solutions, solutions. Hmm.

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