Thursday, April 21, 2011

1Melayu, 1Bumi?

Utusan Malaysia published utter bullshit today, calling for UMNO (Malays) to unite against DAP (Chinese). Again, he just conveniently left out the Indians and our other native fellow friends.

Original post is here. Translated version is here.

Couple of things that I just wanna clarify...

1) When there are slogans calling for 'change' that came about during the general election, state election, etc, it doesn't mean ONLY Chinese are calling for it. It was called by people who are basically fed up with the incumbent's inability to govern the country responsibly, with integrity and accountability.

2) Sin Chew may have the largest circulation in Malaysia, maybe that's because the Chinese reading Chinese READS!? Don't put the blame on others for Utusan's low circulation, Mr. ASSISTANT CHIEF EDITOR. I don't read Chinese, so I don't read Sin Chew. I read CNN online. I don't buy Sin Chew JUST BECAUSE I've got Chinese blood. So what am I? A Western Chinese traitor that's occupying space in YOUR bumi?

3) 'Mereka telah menguasai segala-galanya' (refering to Chinese controlling everything in this country) - because the top 10 billionaires are Chinese, almost all successful enterprise are Chinese owned, and Chinese kids dominate expensive schools and colleges. Do you wanna know why Mr. ASS. Editor?

A) How much do you think the government has taken from these top 10 billionaires in Malaysia? You think they are clean? They and I are both with Chinese heritage. I don't know them, I'm not friends with them, I don't think they are any less of a gangster than UMNO, I won't vote for them even if they run for politics because they are into selfish personal gains, and honestly... I DON'T CARE IF THEY ARE CHINESE.

B) I don't care if all successful brands/products/companies are owned by Chinese - I buy because they offer the best option for money. And they pay good money for strategic advertising. I admit I am influenced. YTL is Chinese. YTL has their Yes campaign, bluffing the public with their fastest 4G something something. I am Chinese. I use Maxis which is INDIAN-OWNED, you DOO. Simply because I think 4G sucks big time and cannot deliver their brand promise as communicated by the multimillion dollar slow mo' campaign.

And C) I went to Taylor's College. Then to Limkokwing. Then graduated in RMIT in Melbourne. Because I cannot get into Malaysia's BEST university apparently (cukup kuota). And I don't want to study 'fishery' in Kedah should I take up your scholarship offer. Is that clear enough? My parents paid good hard-earned money. I came back and worked my ass off and made sure my parents are now well taken care of. Because I never had anything for FREE, you DOO!

So... stop telling me all these bullshit about Chinese superiority in Malaysia. I am NOT Chinese. I am a Malaysian. You are NOT Malaysian. You are Malay. Because that's what you propagate. Let's keep that crystal clear.

Thank you very much for awakening me on this Tuesday morning.

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