Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A love letter to Volkswagen Malaysia.

Hi there,

How are you? I’d like to express my displeasure on Volkswagen. I currently drive a Golf GTI with the above stated number plate and last December, I lost one of my two car keys. Of which, I reported to FA Wagen and told them to immediately disable one of the keys and order a new one. They did disable the key, so my car is now running on safe mode (of which I’m sure you know, it means I can’t access the MID) until I have the new spare key. It’s now July and I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN my key. Should I run on safe mode for the rest of my life?


Anyway, every 2 months, I’ve been calling the dealer. And every time I get appeased because on the phone, they are really helpful. So I told myself to be patient because I know how difficult it is to deal with anal customers and I don’t want to be one. But every 2 months since DECEMBER!? First time, they told me system is down. Second time they told me system in GERMANY is down (are you kidding me?). Third time they told me, no stock. Now, today I called again and they told me system is down again and they cannot check whether they ordered the key in the first place. Seriously, are you so freaking kidding me? Patience also got limit? No? Not for you?

Please do not be biased and take my side just because I’m an angry customer ranting. But do put yourself in my shoes. If this was the government handling your important documents, would you still have the same patience as me? Actually, on the contrary it is quite expected for them to do so… perhaps I would have been more forgiving. But this is Volkswagen? I paid good money for a good product and I assumed GOOD SERVICE. I’m sorry, I don’t need you guys to kiss the ground I walked on and I am not, or at least I think I am not, one of those customers who have a little bit more pocket money and expect service providers to worship my dust. But seriously… 7 months? And NEVER once I raised my voice to your SAs. But seriously, 7 months? I worked hard for my money and admittedly, I don’t have much. I used my entire life savings to buy this car, therefore my GTI is very precious to me. So I beg of you. I will worship the ground that you walk on if you can get a key for me. Can you please look into this matter?

I don’t really care so much for apologies or a red carpet rolled out if from this incident, I’m invited to grace the grounds of your HQ, right up to your MD’s room. I just want my key. That’s all.

I just want my key. And I want my car to be serviced in the way it should be so that it is in its ever tip top condition so that I can always enjoy the driving experience the GTI is built to offer. That’s all. I just want my key. For freak sake, I’m not even asking it to be FREE! I will pay for it! I just want my key. And if you haven’t have enough of this, I just want my key. Again. Thanks.

Please try to be nice to FA Wagen should you wish to speak to their representative(s) who sounded helpful on the phone (and obviously, wasn’t). Because I don’t want my car to be blacklisted the next time I service it. I wanna be friends and this is a friendly email. Thank you.

I really look forward to hearing from you. And in case, this email doesn’t reach you directly. I’m sharing it on a couple of social sites, hoping that your PR team will somehow pick it up, somewhere via one of your sophisticated social media tracking tools. A lot of people love VW and it’s a growing brand, so don’t worry. One little email like this, I personally feel will do your brand no detrimental harm. Well, if it did, I apologise. But please do understand that I just wanna get connected to you. To have my key. That’s all.

My number is 012-(blipped out for obvious reasons). Call me?

Thank you once again and have a good day.



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  1. Hi Sue, This is Rantau PR. We are the agency appointed by VGM to handle all matters related to public relations. Could you kindly email your details to We will do our best to solve this issue for you as soon as possible.