Monday, July 25, 2011

Volkswagen Malaysia's response to my love letter.


Anyway, I feel that I should update the situation so as not to create any misunderstanding and also give due credit to those who really helped me out.

After submitting my complain to VGM, the following took place:

1) 7 months of waiting, shortened to 7 days for action ;)
2) Because of my dear and very helpful friends, my 'letter' was lucky enough to get the attention of some obviously very high post people and this matter was immediately looked upon. Shortly after that, FA Wagen called me and told me the key is ready and I can send my car in for reconfiguration.
3) The manager called me for a detailed explanation of the situation as he had to write a report to VGM regarding this matter. I told him what I could remember and specifically told him not to zero in on anyone because I spoke to a few people and unfortunately could only remember one person's name. My hint was: NO scapegoating please.
4) I sent in my car this morning for the reconfiguration and the After-sales Manager was extremely helpful and hospitable in making sure my car and I were all right. But of course, many of you would think it's only reasonable for him to do that. They gave me a whole bunch of merchandizes which I declined because seriously... there's really no need for that, I just wanted my key. But I thought the keychain was cool ;)
5) They also checked my car for a specific engine noise (which I told them about) and they even changed the parts for me since it's still under warranty.
6) They gave me a 45,000km free service (yippie! But like I said, ABT kit would have been nice ;))
7) They gave me a discount on labour charges and the new key. They even topped up petrol for me!
8) They were very very very apologetic and even hinted that someone may get laid off due to this incident because VGM takes this sort of matter very seriously. I expressed my concern because like I said, I am not here to create a scapegoat situation which is always the easy way out for the management (if you haven't heard enough, I just want my friggin' key! Not someone's job!!).
9) I felt really bad because although as much as I wanted my key, I didn't think it should cost someone his or her job. So I called VGM again and requested to speak to the Director of Service (apparently it was his call). Instead, I spoke to the Customer Care Officer who replied my complain earlier to clarify the situation as according to her, he has stepped out (yea right! I bet he's sitting nicely in his swanky room! He he he, we've all been in that situation before! :P). But anyway, she was helpful and assured me that only a warning letter was issued and there was no laying off of anyone. So I called FA Wagen back and told them that they don't have to worry about it. Unless, of course, she bluffed me.

And everyone lives happily ever after.

If you ask me, I think there are some fundamental problems with this situation. I think VGM is teething (and it's common for any automakers who are growing leaps and bounds in this country) and service or after-sales is definitely one of the most challenging aspects of a growing business. I think what was missing was a standard operating procedure for after-sales. I'm just guessing that no one has ever filed a missing key and no one really knew what to do with this kind of situation. Hence, they're giving different answers, with no one to follow up on the case. And even in terms of the SOP for a proper complain - if the customer service did not give me an auto-reply of OUT-OF-OFFICE, I would have waited for someone to come back to me (I mean, I waited 7 months right?). But because it was so! Yes, they finally pushed the right button and I decided to get connected in my own way :) And boy, did it work. Of course, under normal circumstances, it shouldn't be that way. Volkswagen's network should solve my problem, not my OWN social network.

But anyway, I'm back to being a happy customer :) Thank you FA Wagen for rectifying the wheezing sound. And when I drove back just now, my GTI never felt newer. If they caught my hint, they would definitely invite me to test drive the new Golf R when it arrives ;)

And thanks you peoples :) For spreading the message :) Appreciate that.


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