Thursday, April 26, 2012

What will win us a revolution?

Prayer.  And faith.

Well, here it is again. The famous infamous Bersih rally. Last year, I was saddened because I couldn't make it there but this year, I have no excuse. I will be there with my fellow Malaysians of every shade, size and tongue. For those of you who know me, don't worry. I promise to take good care of myself and finally, this is where all those years of learning to be street smart and independent will be put into a test. I know you have heard and seen horrid stuff about what happened last year. To be honest, I'm nervous too. Unlike many truly courageous ones and those whose spirit is stirred by the PR hype, I'm truly nervous because in reality we really don't know what can happen, whether maliciously planned or due to someone's stupidity and we all know what stupid can cost us now, don't we?

 I'm not going for any political parties and my vote remains neutral. I don't even have a Bersih T-shirt because I don't buy commercialization. I go because I have had enough of BS. I can understand why my parents' generation is sceptical and dead worried because they've seen some pretty bad stuff. As a result, they've been bullied into silence, consent and worse, coercion. While we just sit here, generation after generation, watching every country overtakes us in every area of development.  I have had enough. My unborn children, my 4-year old nephew, my cousins and friends' children and their children will NOT go through the same medieval era. They will not be bullied into silence, fear and such crippling attitude. They will grow up in an environment that is empowering, progressive, competitive and most importantly, FAIR. And they will grow up right here in their own motherland and not someone else's country.

Maybe after tomorrow, things may return to normal but truly you must have witnessed some change from the last year's event? We are NOT at the same spot if you care to know. For one, Malaysians now have a voice. The opposition now has a voice. And that shift albeit small to some, is the most important thing. Wisdom tells us overnight success takes place 25 years later. The question is, do we want to give up now?

Change on a national level goes by an inch. You will not wake up the next day and see reformed governance. Will you give up the fight then? Then let me ask you a question. Have you ever tried kicking a bad habit? Quit smoking, quit biting your nails, quit being impatient, quit being critical, quit anything. Did you decide to quit and wake up the next day having really quit it? Was it not an uphill struggle that took some time before you finally claim victory? Exactly.  Then what more on a national level?

So before the big day, I'd like to make a small request. No, not that I will ask you to participate. No, stay safe at home but be vigilant on social media and help channel accurate information to those who need it and to those that will hold the authorities accountable for breaking peace. And most importantly, pray.

Pray that the Prince of Peace will go with us that we march in goodwill instead of anger.  Our spirit is fired up but our mind is calm. Pray that God will provide special mercy and protection to all Malaysians who are finally showing that they care and love their country. Pray for grace  for the authorities and that they will remain neutral and helpful instead of responding in arrogance under any circumstances. Pray for change to happen and our demand for fairness, equality and electoral cleanliness to be granted. Pray for God's wisdom and righteousness and not men's in response to each other. Pray for unity amongst the people and amongst the authorities.  Pray for non-violence.


There will come a day where we will give up this uphill battle and return to a duct-taped silence. But tomorrow is not the day.

And to all fellow yellow marchers, keep safe, look out for one another, bring peace and I will see you in the Independence Square to reclaim our birthright freedom in our own nation.

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