Friday, July 13, 2012

When one campaign needs to top the last.

To be very honest with you, I don't think we always came out with stuff that we really like or that we're really proud of.  Because that would be really ideal.

Yesterday we launched the new Civic in Malaysia, and I'm very very very proud to share with you the fruits of the entire team's hardwork.  Team includes the clients and our business partners.  The campaign took one year to complete because of the unfortunate incidences that hit Honda in both Japan and Thailand.  It was a risk that we took because we've never dared to pushed the boundaries with what we can or cannot do with our precious car.  I'm glad we took the leap and did not look back.

It was a lot of hardwork, a lot of frustration, a lot of laughter, a lot of 'I-so-wanna-punch-you' moments but you know, every single bit of it is worth every single bit of it.  Here's the TV commercial that's on air right now :)

So go on and witness for yourself what happens when you simply allow your intuition to take control.  It truly is an adventure and I promise, an amazing joyride :)

Click here to experience the all-new Civic's web movie, starring you!

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