Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Malaysia needs better management and accountability!

No, seriously.

Read this:

And then read my support mail (to-ed, cc-ed and bcc-ed):

Dear big shots of MPO,

I'm sending this email because of two reasons.
1) The published article regarding your... 'management' decision on laying off 9 musicians for NO REASON:, and 2) I'm a HUGE ARDENT FAN of the MPO. 

 Just by reading the article, I was really disappointed.  Even if it was a 'cost-cutting' measure that needs to be done, I'm preeeeeeeeeeeeetty sure there are other ways than to just lay-off resources as your immediate priority.  Maybe you've done your calculations and all that she-bang and came to this final decision, maybe you still carry that 'age-old' Malaysian government mentality of, 'So what?  I throw money out there, there are THOUSANDS who would play for us', or maybe someone will sack you if you don't sack them, well I don't know.  The maybes can be quite creative if leave to public interpretations.  Therefore, I urge you respond with an official press release so that we can view the situation as a whole and not in half.  I still give you the benefit of doubt and still believe there is such thing as 'innocent till proven guilty' though not widely practised in this country.  So... for the sake of MPO's reputation that it's able to continue to churn quality music and raise the appreciation of classical orchestras in this nation and beyond,... say something?  And please... say something intelligent (you don't want to follow the footsteps of the local government).  Petronas is the country's cash cow, EVERYONE knows that.  If we stop pumping unnecessary money to the government's alternative agenda, I'm pretty sure we could sustain 900 of these mentioned musicians and maybe more :)

Looking forward to your reply.

Cheers and looking forward to your 2012/13 season!  Very good line-up and it'd be a shame to have the stage empty, no?


And then your turn to support.

Sigh. Shame shame.

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