Monday, November 3, 2008

Career in advertising.

Something struck me odd. Can someone articulate the difference in job scope of an Account Executive versus a Senior Account Executive? Likewise an AM versus an SAM, or the difference between an Account Supervisor and an Account Manager? Or the even lighter grey area of Senior Account Manager and Associate Account Director? Or worse, an Account Director and a Senior Account Director? Either my English had simply escaped me or finally, there is something that Google doesn't know. Well, thank God I'm a Planner so the line is pretty distinct. In the planning team, it's either you can plan or you can't. The only grey area which probably determines your seniority aka 'paycheck' is how much you know that determines how well you can plan which determines how much it can be made realized which ultimately determines the dollar signs.

I think there should be a standard checklist for the above mentioned designations. Unlike manufacturing where the roles are carved quite distinctively, it's never the case in this fast-paced communication business. I think a checklist would be good to:

1) Standardize expectations.
2) Weed out over-titled 'bogus' Directors and save everyone a lot of heartache.
3) Standardize the salary bracket where extra monetary rewards can be awarded to employees who volunteer to take on new projects and not simply because they're en-titled by default. And also, so that no one has to go through unfair employment.
4) Help advertising personnel to strategize their own career advancement and self develop values or traits needed for their next promotion and goals.

Yup. I think so too.

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