Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is Edison slut or stud?

First there was a huge public detestation and outcry. But after almost a month of floating photos around the internet, suddenly I'm feeling a change of wave in idolship. Edison Chen, overnight, pushed by the media has become some sort of a male hero. This is NOT my opinion, but I'm feeling public sentiments through opinions male acquaintances are forming and from various blogsites and forums.

In just the last couple of hours, Edison Chen has got news coverage on Bloomberg, Shanghai Daily, Reuters India, Radar Online New York, Boston Globe US, Electric News Paper Singapore, Washington Post US, Sydney Morning Herald Australia, and even CNET news which has nothing to do with entertainment news. Overnight, the media has pushed Edison Chen to become one of the most famous stars in all four corners of the world - are we shooting ourselves in the foot? While we are so concern about how this piece of news is affecting the young ones, yet it's propagated on all major newspapers in every major country possible? Are we also to be blamed if he is made a stud after all because we are in a way, responsible for creating headlines for him and his 'unfortunate' incident?

Something to think about. What role does media play when moral is no longer divided in black and white?


  1. He is neither a slut or a stud, he is just an idiot which never heard of a portable drive.