Sunday, December 19, 2010

Honda 'Innovation in Motion' voted as the best booth in KL Motorshow 2010.

I remember my last trip to Tokyo Motorshow and I was very much inspired by the strategy taken by our Japanese counterpart in Dentsu who produced the booth for Honda as well. Although the production is very much different, but the idea of not using an exhibitor's space in a conventional manner really challenged my initial thought.

So we came back and threw a lot of 'what ifs' around. What if we could utilize the 11-day event to send a message out to the public on what Honda is all about? What if we could integrate online and offline, at KLIMS and outside, with an activation that could engage people even without them having to do too much? What if we could make people feel good about themselves when they engage with us? What if we 'host' the visitors instead of just exhibiting? What if we could design structures and mechanisms that would make sense to what would otherwise be very boring static exhibits? What if we present ourselves and our dreams and let transparency judge our worthiness?

So many what ifs, and finally we say, let's just do it. And we did it. We designed the entire space based on the thought of 'Innovation in Motion' within the given budget, to serve as a media vehicle instead. Honda is a company beyond a mere car manufacturer. It was a manufacturer of dreams and power products and the story was told via a 19ft wide LCD screen(s) with an awesome presenter. We produced additional videos to share a vision of forming a new wave of generation that is simple, smart and responsible called The Insight Generation. We connected our visitors with the general public via a simple insight that everyone is happy when they give and receive so we gave out a potted plant outside of KLIMS on behalf of every person who voted to be part of The Insight Generation, who basically supports green mobility. We did not showcase any concept cars, but we shared aspirations of very real, today's models. We brought to the public for the very first time in Malaysia, one of Honda's many innovative endeavors in designing for the next generation of mobile society, the U3-X. We challenged the visitors with race simulators that winners are defined in the most unexpected manner - on how good of an eco-driver they are instead of the usual fast and furious scoring system - in line with KLIMS 2010's theme that focused on green technology and concept cars that encouraged the public to adopt an environment-friendly lifestyle.

When the news was announced, needless to say we were as ecstatic as our clients. And we want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for this awesome opportunity, since it was our first Motorshow project. The dream of seeing all your blood, sweat and tears coming together at one single consumer touch point was truly satisfying. The award is awesome, but what's more priceless is the various positive feedback we got from fellow exhibitors, media and client associates. That my friend, is truly truly priceless. Till 2013 :)

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