Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What’s the trouble with love?

The trouble with love is we all get used to it at some point. We get used to having a companion, we get used to having someone doing certain things for us and we reciprocate with other deeds for our partner. There’s nothing wrong with companionship and this act of reciprocation but the trouble happens when we get used to it. We become demanding, we demand time, attention and respect and we stop earning and/or working for it. I guess as with everything, when we get too comfortable, the zone turns grey and becomes uninteresting.

On a really bad day, sometimes we don’t even know how we ended up in that unkind spot in the first place. It would be futile to question anyway since a place like this, isn’t built overnight. Respect and trust can erode very dramatically over a specific incident, and at the same time unnoticeably gnawed away by our ignorance over time – 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. It is difficult to say whether the relationship can be saved (although I would like to believe that everything is possible if you want to) but it is really quite difficult to expect two persons to be as loving, or even as caring as couples of a decade or more ought to be. That’s right, too much fairytales. Reality is like viewing the sun without Raybans and it’s a lot more harsher than we thought.

So before you continue to spiral into oblivion with your partner, take some time out and think if something is amiss. The best judge of whether you both are on the same vector, I supposed, is to see if you’ve been growing close along the years. If you are distant, then suck it up and admit the distance. Don’t figure it out on your own as it will only prove that your relationship is handicapped. Clapping is an act achievable only by both hands, no? Well unless of course, truth is you’re only interested in a relationship with yourself, then why not :)

Well, my advice will be - Life’s too short. So don’t mess it up for other people.

Good luck and have yourself a very merry Christmas.

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