Saturday, December 24, 2011

Let the most wonderful things come from your heart this year end.

Tis' the season to be jolly, tis' the season to exchange heartfelt wishes.

I will always remember the one jolly day when I asked a particular creative icon, "I'm so in awe of your creative work.  How do you create all these amazing ads?".  To which Yasmin Ahmad replied, "I don't know either.  I guess I just write from the heart".  And so it's stuck in me ever since.

Always let the words depart from your mouth even though sometimes harsh, with the most well-meaning intention.  Even if it's not taken well immediately, you know in time it will be understood.  The words from the mind may be logical and convincing, but those from heart are sincere and leave a lasting presence.

For advertising, and for everything else.

And let this last week of 2011 preps us up to aim for the stars in 2012.  Not just being ambitious about things, but also be appreciative.  Yesterday, I just totally realized that there's a huge difference between 'having' and 'appreciating'.  It's such common a sense that you'd think I'd know but... What do you know, I don't.  For more than quarter of my life, I don't.  Maybe I do.  Just that it never really illuminated if you get what I mean.  I realized that you can have things without appreciating them.  You can have parents, siblings, friends, a partner, you can have everyone and anyone but it doesn't mean you appreciate them.  You can have a car but it doesn't mean you appreciate getting somewhere.  You can have chicken but it doesn't mean you appreciate dinner.  Nope, I'm not trying to be holier than thou.  But that thought really struck a chord in me.  Cause I don't think I'm appreciating enough.  And I would like to appreciate more even if that means having less in 2012.

Well, merry Christmas everyone and have a very happy new year.  And Sparks wishes you peace, love and joy to you and your loved ones.

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