Tuesday, December 20, 2011

mcgarrybowen meteoric rise.

In 2002, John McGarry and Gordon Bowen left their big employers to set up on their own with only four staff and no client.  Today, mcgarrybowen employs over 700 people in New York and Chicago, boasting 20 clients, 65 major brands, and billings in excess of $10 billion.

Which means to say, within 10 years, on average per year mcgarrybowen hires approximately 70 people, gaining 2 new clients that bring in 3 to 4 brands per client which provides approximate billing of millions per year.

Dentsu Utama is in its 6th year now.

Don't mean to self-hurt.  But.  Sometimes, you know.  It's frustrating.  No one knows why and no one wants to talk about it.  But if you look at benchmark numbers, it's crystal.

Really frustrating.

*mcgarrybowen is part of Dentsu Group.

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