Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The new Porsche 911. The best ever.

The new Porsche 911 was launched in the Tokyo Motorshow, making it the best ever 911.  With about 53,000 Porsches on Japanese road with almost half dedicated to the 911s, obviously Tokyo is one of the most important locations to launch the maker's pride and joy.  The Carrera spews 350hp and Carrera S has 400hp on the tap, going from zero to hundred in just 4s.  FOUR. FREAKING. SECONDS.  Equivalent to a sharp 7 minutes 40 seconds sprint of one lap in Nürburgring circuit.  

It's true when they say there are no Porsche customers.  There are only true Porsche fans.

This is the Panarama S Hybrid.  It isn't just about a supercar anymore.  It's a full package.  When you're in a sports car, it doesn't have to feel like you're rocking in a cave with a roll cage criss-crossing all over.  The interior should give you a sense of luxurious escapism while you throttle on and leave your worries behind.  Best still, with your sleeping baby in the back seat, unperturbed by your speed (though I'm not recommending that you should be an irresponsible parent!  But you get my drift!).

The Panamera GTS - Now THAT'S my kind of family car :)


And of course, the icon itself, 911.

Hear it cry.

Watch its birth.  You should know that buying a Porsche is not buying a car.  You're buying a labour of love ;)

And the next time you see an idiot who double parks or dumps his Porsche on the curb side obstructing traffic, you know that he may be rich but he's definitely not worthy of luxury.  Him being rich is of face-value which obviously comes with no substance or whatsoever because he has no respect for not only other road users but more importantly for the engineers who painstakingly created the vehicle with their bare hands and every waking hour.  If I was an engineer, I'd make sure these aspiring owners take an aptitude test to prove that they are worth the Porsche badge.  And not just because he's got a million dough to throw away.  But because he is respectable and an appreciator of sports engineering.  And an appreciator does not dump his car at the roadside. Sigh.

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