Sunday, May 17, 2009

McKinsey happy meal in hardcovers.

One of the most palatable and friendly strategy books ever written and read. Ken Watanabe who was a consultant with McKinsey for awhile back has got it nailed. That's what problem solving strategies are supposed to be. Simplicity and crystal clarity. That's exactly what I think most people lack. Clarity of their thought process, if there is one. Sometimes we arrive at a brilliant idea, without even knowing where we've been to come to that. Which is why, the same brilliance can never spark twice (no pun here okay).

I think another issue is also the mental endurance needed to really wring your brain out dry to consider all possibilities. For those who have tried it, it's an awfully tiring procedure. Have you ever felt your brain get 'tired' before? And that, I don't mean just zoning out or getting stoned for over thinking. I meant, really. Like you can feel the muscles in your brain, sore. Like what happens to your jello-like-legs after you've ran like a hundred miles (or kilometres here). Well, I have. Not often (admittedly with great honesty), but I have. It's a strange sensation. Extreme exhaustion that comes with great satisfaction. Speaking for myself, it would be great if I could just discipline myself a little bit more and push with the same consistency throughout every project. But then again, maybe not. Because they call that getting burnt out right? Hmm.

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