Thursday, May 21, 2009

The WikiMalaysia Project.

It's about time.

"When a politician says something, do you know whether it's consistent with the rest of his stand? How do you know whether you can vote for him or not? We need a solid record of what our leaders are doing and saying for the benefit of our people. Malaysians need to keep track of them in the public mind. We need to centrally archive news, and make it publically available to accurately judge his or her performance.We need to archive and summarize their actions from the daily news, blogs, websites, newspapers, etc. I've done some work already. Sign up to help foster more meaningful olitical awareness among Malaysians." - WikiMalaysia FB

This is just one proposed area which could get Malaysians more aware of what is happening in the country (or what happened in the past). Other categories include literature, history, arts, business, etc. Sparks endorses this 100%. If the media in this country is biased, then let social media to the job. Power to the people. So if I were ___, I'd be really careful what I headline on papers.

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