Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What if my favourite colour is not green?

T'was a year long project. No, come to think of it, almost one and a half years. I think this is by far, the biggest, longest, most in-depth social research I've done to date. Not to mention heaviest. Some of the findings may step on somebody's toes but then again, this research isn't intended to highlight any negativity. They're just facts. Awareness provides better decisions.

Phew~ and it's finally a wrap :) The objective of the study is to understand environmental conservation efforts and awareness level to date amongst Malaysians. But I think what I've learned from this study is to understand what messages have been sent out there and how effective (the word of the order is 'sustainable') they are in getting people on board to be not just a little more concerned about the environment but enough to nudge them to act upon it. I thought the question, "What if my favourite colour is not green?" is quite apt. Too often than not, we assume that we're all motivated in the same way. Especially when environment is concerned because it's such a global (and at the same time, personal) issue. That we stand as one race, which is humankind (I really have to re-think about the word kind here cause you and I know, we're far from that :P ). This study has enabled me to understand that, we're so motivated by different issues and causes and reasons that green communicators perhaps failed to identify the niche which they could have been more effective by segmenting their target strategically. We learned from conventional marketing that when you target everyone and anyone, you target no one. That kinda makes you think exactly how effective these two years of greenwashing had been right? Hmm.

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*This project is a collaboration between Sparks and Dentsu Utama.

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