Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A weekend in magnificent Terengganu.

We've been sparking all these fancy trips on 2009 Honda City FB for quite some time now. So far, the reactions are positive but how can we make this better? How can we improve the way users consume content? What's the difference between consuming the same content in one social media over the other? How do we enhance the appearance and/or innovate it to suit different environments? How is it different from consuming content from a non-digital environment to a digital one? How much do tactile senses influence the satisfaction of reading something by being able to hold/feel it? At what point do users become motivated enough to react to the content and/or take action? Hmm.

So many questions. Although we've just wrapped one social research (and a big one that is), but I'm already imagining the parameters for the next one ;) Hmm hmm.

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