Sunday, September 27, 2009

Auckland, Auckland.

Have been gallivanting for a couple of days now in Auckland. Sorry, no photos at the mo' ;) Check back.

I was telling a friend about Auckland. Of so many cities I've been to, Auckland felt very different. It reminded me of different cities at the different times. Sydney, Dubai, etc. The much mistaken capital of New Zealand (no, it's not), it's an amalgamation of so many different cultures, particularly the Asian ones - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, perhaps even Taiwanese. Half the city feels like mini-cities of all these different Asian ethnic groups. But the great thing is, although so diverse, it just seems so easy for everyone to call this place, home. Which makes the concept of Auckland really different from one person to another, from one local to a foreigner. It reminds me of Dubai (a little) because of the strong Asian presence. The major difference is, Dubai felt like a city being raped of its Arabic essence - everyone wants to reap something out of it but nobody wants to call it home. Auckland on the other hand... I supposed, is lived in and loved by everyone who has got any business there.

And then I came to Windy Wellie, south of North Island. Which is... windy :P Very windy. But nice. Now I understand why the separation and comparison of Sydney and Melbourne and Auckland and Wellington. This place reminded me so much of Melbourne. Partially because there are less Asians here (or at least they feel less dominant) and also because there's this very pretty Victorian charm all around the city which size is really one third of its sister, Auckland. Somehow, it's easier to walk on the streets. More relaxed. More romance to relish. More surprises around the corners which reward can only be victoriously claimed by those who are curious and back-laned savvy. I like it better here. The only complain I have is, the walk between where I'm staying and the city can be breathtaking. Literally. Steep slope yo. Steeeeeep. I bet it's almost like an 80 degrees slope.

Anyway, time for dinner. Over and out.

Pray for everything good for tomorrow (back in Malaysia) ;)

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